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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/31/2017

pilot episode

hey i have posted original pilot episode of the show
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• 8/31/2017

Original Pilot Episode

Hey guys if you ever want to see the original piolet episode of i didn't do it. go to this pagehttp://ididntdoit.wikia.com/wiki/Original_Pilot
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• 3/21/2017


Whoever it is that is creating random pages, PLEASE stop! Its getting really annoying now and I hate that I have to keep deleting pages. Especially since the page are not related to the show at all! What is happening is stupid so again PLEASE stop.
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• 1/5/2017

Material from former fansites

Has anybody thought about retrieving other material from sites like "I Didn't Do It Deets?"
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• 1/11/2016

About Logan and Jasmine

What would you say if I talk about logan and jasmine on the board then we can all talk about it.
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• 1/10/2016
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• 1/1/2016


Happy 2016 everyone! I know the show has ended for the us, but for many of us in other countiries, (my country the UK) IDDI hasn't ended yet so lets enjoy the new year and the new episodes that Disney brings us! Happy new year again! And I thin the US should still watch the episodes even though the show has ended for them. I'll still be watching them even after it ends here in the UK.
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• 12/20/2015


Just so you guys know, I'm going on holiday for Christmas this Monday, December 21st. I'll try to be on as much as possible so still feel free to message me about anything if you need to and I will try to reply asap. :)
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• 11/4/2015

The wiki

I understand the show has ended, but I really think we should keep this wiki active as possible! It's disapointing that not as many people are as active as they used to be. Just because the series ended, it doesn't mean we should stop watching the episodes again and stay on here. Please try to keep it as active as possible. Many people (myself included) don't want the wiki to die just because the show is over.
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• 11/1/2015


Add ideas for episodes. Summaries or transcripts welcome, but if you choose to write a transcript bad language, adult themes and strong violence will not be tolerated.
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• 10/16/2015

The series finale

Since The Rescuers is the series finale, I think it's still a good idea to try to keep this wiki as active as possible. PS: I'M CRYING MY EYES OUT, HERE!
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• 10/10/2015

The wiki

Like, I've said, please wait intil the cast or the writers say if the show has been canceled! Also, if it is the series finale, I think we should still keep this wiki as active as possible, since IDDI is our favourite show!
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• 10/9/2015

The show

Whoever keeps saying and putting that The Rescuers is the series finale, please stop! We need confirmation by Disney PR or the writers or the cast! Please leave it as the series finale until the cast or writers or Disney PR confirm it! Thank you!
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• 9/25/2015

Editing Pages

Just important information for everyone to follow. I recently had to lock the characters pages, because someone had vandalized one of the pages! Do NOT ever vandalize or ruin any of the pages! Feel free to edit, but please be careful when editing a page, especially on character's and parings pages (especially the Jasmine and Logan page, because that has the most information) pages. It is important to keep the pages the way the are unless you have to write important information.
I will unlock the pages, but please do remember to not damage or vandalize the pages when editing! Again, please be very careful! Thank you!
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• 7/12/2015

Bad words

Look under the page for the episode that features Raelynn.
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• 4/25/2015


I think accidentally posting a name under an anyonomus comment, means comment should be deleted please and thank you
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• 3/31/2015

Spoiler tags can't be opened

Why is it suddenly impossible to open up any of the spoiler tags?
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• 2/18/2015


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• 12/27/2014

Love triangles

So,i posted this on another discussion board,but i was thinking of getting my own...
Let me know what you think about this topic ;) 
"i really really really like love triangles, idk , i think it's because of all the drama that comes with it. i would love to see a Jogan-Dogan thing, you know? like the cool guy between the pretty girl and the geeky girl (and the two of them are his best friends) , I mean, this got to be epic, right? 
And i got to admit, if this happens i will be shiping dogan way harder than jogan ( idk whats wrong with me, i always ship the most unlikely people  to become a couple)
Sadly doesn't seem that a lot of fans ships this :/"
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