When I saw that guy slow dancing with Jaz at the dance, I realized I wanted to be the one dancing with her. I'm gonna ask her out.

Falling for... Who?" is the ninth episode in Season 2 of I Didn't Do It. It premiered on May 31, 2015, in the US. It aired on May 21st in the UK. The episode received 2.202 viewers on the premiere night. [1]


US Plot: Logan finally figures out his feelings for Jasmine during the school's big fall dance.
UK Plot: Jasmine and Delia help Lindy organize the school dance. Logan finally realizes he has feelings for Jasmine but is he too late? She has started dating another guy.


Falling for... Who6

The fall dance is coming up and Erin is obsessed with her and Logan matching, much to Logan's dismay. Garrett decides not to go and Lindy, Delia, and Jasmine help decorate the gym.

In Lindy's bedroom, the girls are talking about the dance, Delia doesn't wanna go since Brandon won't be able to go since he will be at his grandmother's birthday celebration, and Jasmine says she doesn't wanna go, because she wouldn't like to see Logan dancing with Erin, but the girls agree to go.

On the night of the dance, Brandon turns up at the dance to surprise Delia and Lindy sets Jasmine up with Owen and they start dancing, which Logan gets suspicious of. Logan questions his relationship with Erin, especially after he sees Jasmine and calls her amazing...twice. Logan even ends up falling in love with Jasmine.

Logan Finally Admits He Loves Jasmine!! XD

Logan finally admits his feelings for Jasmine! 💜💜

In the end, in the Watson's basement, Logan comes down and confirms he has broken up with Erin to Lindy, via text, because he didn't think it was working and she deserves someone special. Logan admits that's not the only reason he broke up with her. Logan says he has been thinking about Jasmine... a lot, which Lindy gets excited about.
Lindy Comforts Logan

Lindy hugging Logan. Aww 😃

Logan finally admits his feelings for Jasmine! He says, "When I saw that guy dancing with Jaz at the dance, I realized I wanted to be the one dancing with her. I'm gonna ask her out", which Lindy gets really excited about. Jasmine walks in and Logan is about to ask her out, but she announces that she has started dating Owen. Lindy says she is happy for Jasmine but is also slightly upset because she wants Jasmine and Logan to be together. Logan says the same, whilst holding his tears back. Jasmine leaves with Owen and Logan cries a bit. Lindy says she's really sorry for Logan and doesn't want to tell him how Jasmine met Owen since Logan is already absolutely broken and Lindy hugs Logan as he suffers through a huge heartbreak over losing Jasmine.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest Cast

  • John Kapelos as Uncle Patsy
  • Fallon Smythe as Erin
  • Theodore Barnes as Kevin LeBow
  • Sam Adler as Adam
  • Reed Alvarado as Owen


(Jasmine walks up to Logan and they look up and down at each other)
Logan: Jaz, you look amazing...
Jasmine: (blushes and smiles) Thanks. So, thats the new suit, huh?
Logan: Yeah, I should have taken your advice
Jasmine: (smiles) You still look nice
Logan: (blushes, staring at Jasmine) Thanks, and you look amazing.
(Jasmine and Logan smile lovingly at each other)
Garrett: You already said that.
Jasmine: He's just being sweet. I'll see you guys later
(Jasmine walks off, still smiling and blushing, whilst Logan just stares at her, looking love-struck)
Logan: I'm sorry, what...what was I talking about before Jasmine walked up?
Garrett: Jasmine. Something...going on?
Logan: Yeah, no. Yeah, no
Garrett: Well, I'm glad someone here's more uncomfortable than me

Logan: (with a suspicious look) Who's that guy dancing with Jasmine?
Erin: I don't know, but they don't match.
Logan: Yeah, it doesn't look right to me either...

(After Jasmine has left with Owen, and Logan is really heartbroken; he cries over her a little)
Lindy: Logan, I am so sorry
Logan: (broken) I don't get it. I mean, yesterday she was single... now she has a boyfriend? How did she even meet that guy?
Lindy: Uh... no need to dwell on that part.
(Logan sits down, heartbroken; crying, Lindy hugs him)

Logan: (sees Delia's cat toy) Whoa, this is so cool! Erin, you gotta see this!
Erin: That is fun!

Logan: When I saw that guy slow dancing with Jaz at the dance, I realized I wanted to be the one dancing with her. (smiles) I'm gonna ask her out
Lindy: (excitedly) Wow! I can't believe this is finally gonna happen!

Lindy: Hey Garrett, you okay?
Garrett: Yeah, doing great.
Lindy: Why are you here? I thought you didn't like dances.
Garrett: Well, I actually got some lessons. I know how to dance now, I just need to figure out the whole asking thing.

Lindy: I think you just did.


  • Via Twitter, the writers confirmed this episode had more Jogan. [2]
  • Brandon returns in this episode to surprise Delia at the fall dance.
    Falling for... Who13
  • Logan and Erin break up in this episode.
  • Logan finally admits his feelings for Jasmine
  • Fans asked the writers if Logan has feelings for Jasmine and they replied, "You'll find out". They were talking about this episode since Logan finally admits his feelings for Jasmine. [3]
  • This episode was like the Austin & Ally episode, "Campers & Complications" because in that episode, Austin admitted he had feelings for Ally and in this episode, Logan finally admitted his feelings for Jasmine. Ironically, both episodes were the ninth episode of the second season. The difference between the episodes is that Austin got jealous of Ally hanging out with Elliot and admitted his feelings for her, but Logan didn't get jealous of Jasmine and Owen dancing, he just realized and admitted his feelings for her.
  • This episode was also sort of like the Austin & Ally episode, "Chapters & Choices", because when Logan realized his feelings for Jasmine, he had to choose who he wanted to be with - Jasmine and Erin and realized he wanted to be with Jasmine. It was also the first episode to be like "Chapters & Choices", the second being The Rescuers because Jasmine has to choose who she wants to be with - Logan or Owen - and she chooses Logan over Owen, like how Logan chose Jasmine over Erin.
  • The ending of this episode was somewhat similar to the ending of the Austin & Ally episode, "Hunks & Homecoming", because in that episode, Austin realized he still had feelings for Ally and wanted to ask Ally out, but it was too late, because she had started dating Gavin, leaving Austin heartbroken, and Austin almost cried over Ally. And in this episode, Logan finally realized and admitted his feelings for Jasmine and wanted and tried to ask her out, but it was too late, because she had started dating Owen, leaving Logan completely heartbroken, because he cried over her.
Falling for... Who3
Logan stares at Jasmine like he's in love! XD

Logan's face has a shocked, dreamy look on his face when he sees Jasmine in her beautiful blue dress. Logan's fallen in love with Jasmine! Awww 😍!

  • The ending of the episode was similar to the ending of Lindy Nose Best, because in that episode, Jasmine realized her feelings for Logan and tried to ask him out, but he went out with Jenna, leaving Jasmine heartbroken, and in this episode, Logan realized his feelings for Jasmine and tried to ask her out, but Jasmine went out with Owen, leaving Logan totally heartbroken.
  • Logan ended up actually falling in love with Jasmine, not just realizing his feelings for her.
  • This episode had the sad ending Piper was talking about. The episode was filmed the week Piper sent the tweet out.
  • Jasmine started dating Owen in this episode
  • This episode aired on May 21st in the UK. This was the first and only time the UK aired an episode before the US
  • It is revealed that Delia and Brandon are officially dating
  • The title refers to Logan finally realizing he has feelings for Jasmine.
  • Logan tried to ask Jasmine out, but it was too late because she had started dating Owen.
  • This episode is part 5 of the Jogan Arc.
  • This is the first, and only time we see one of Delia's family members.
  • This is the first time we see Logan really sensitive at heart because he cries over Jasmine when she starts dating Owen, not giving Logan the chance to ask Jasmine out. It also shows how strong his feelings for her are and that he loves her.
  • Piper stated this episode as "a new chapter of Jogan." [4]
  • On May 31, 2015, the US airing date of this episode, Austin was watching the episode when it aired on Disney Channel and then tweeted about it while watching. [5]
  • This episode was one of Piper's favorites to shoot. [6]
  • Piper said that when Logan said he was gonna ask Jasmine out, the audience literally cheered, but the cheering was obviously cut since it wasn't heard in the episode. [7]
  • This episode could be seen as a continuation or a spin-off from Logan Finds Out!, because in that episode, Logan, after finding out about Jasmine's feelings for him, never denied he could grow feelings for her, and he finally realized and admitted his feelings and love for her, in this episode.
  • This episode featured the first real school dance since Lindy was the only one who attended the previous school dance, due to everyone else being sick, in Dance Fever.
  • This episode was known as a Jogan special since it was centered around Jasmine and Logan. It was also the second to be known as a Jogan special, the first was Logan Finds Out!, the third was Drum Beats, Heart Beats, and the forth is The Rescuers.
  • The Jogan subplot of The Rescuers is very similar to the plot of this episode.
  • This episode is referenced in The Rescuers, along with Drum Beats, Heart Beats.
  • In The Rescuers, Logan tells Jasmine he loves her, which means he really did instantly fall in love with her in this episode.
  • Like Logan Finds Out!, this episode was somewhat referenced through the song, "Count on Me", because of the lyrics, "You'll always have my shoulder when you cry", because Logan cried over Jasmine and Lindy was there for him.
  • Austin apparently cried watching this episode, which is kinda ironic considering Logan actually cried over Jasmine a bit.[8]
  • The cast filmed this episode on February 24th, 2015.[9]
  • This was the writer's favourite episode to write.[10]
  • The Liv and Maddie episode Choose-A-Rooney, was similar to this, because Maddie (Jasmine) got back with (started dating) Diggie (Owen) despite her extremely strong feelings for Josh (Logan), leaving Josh (Logan) completely heartbroken and in tears. The only difference between the two was that Maddie and Josh broke up, but Logan just wanted to ask Jasmine out and that Logan instantly fell in love with Jasmine in this episode, but Josh has been in love with Maddie since the day they met. Both episodes also showed how much Josh and Logan loved Maddie and Jasmine.


  • Disney named this episode a prom special, in the promo, but it wasn't a prom, it was just a school dance. Proms are in the Junior and Senior years of high school and the gang are in their sophomore year of high school, so it is just a school dance.


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