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Logan: I sat down with my stinkin' middle piece, and I'm almost in tears, when this goofy kid came up and said, "Here," and handed me his corner piece.
Garrett: I could tell you needed it more than I did.
Logan: And that's just one of the reasons I liked you. There's a lot more where that came from.
Garrett: Thanks, man.
Logan: You're my best friend. No one could replace you
Garrett: I feel the same way.
I missed you, buddy.

Garrett and Logan, also known as Gogan, is the best friend pairing between Garrett Spenger and Logan Watson. They have a brother-like frienship.

Garrett and Logan are portrayed by Peyton Clark and Austin North.

For the cast pairing, see Austin and Peyton.

Other Names

  • Gogan (Garrett/Logan)
  • Gagan (Ga/rrett) and Lo/gan)
  • Gargan (Gar/rett) and Lo/gan)
  • Lorrett (logan/Garrett)
  • Logrrett (Logan/Garrettt


Season 1

The Pilot

  • Garrett and Logan (along with Jasmine, and Delia) go to the party.
  • They (along with the rest of the gang) get in trouble by Logan's parents.
  • Logan chose Garrett to hang out with at school.
  • They both try to talk to Seth Wall.
  • Garrett told Logan that Seth Wall was pulling up.
  • They (along with the rest of the gang) sat at the cafeteria together.
  • They were sitting next to each other in the cafeteria
  • When Logan asked Garrett, "You're the jerk face, aren't ya?", he said, "Affirmative".

Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station

Garrett and Logan
  • They played Foosball together.
  • They hung out in the cafeteria with Lindy, Jasmine and Delia.
  • They tried to save their couch at Rumble Juice.
  • They (along with Jasmine and Delia) saved Lindy at Fireman Freddy's.
  • They hung out a lot together.

The New Guy

  • In the flashback, the first time the gang got mani-peddies, they looked at each other.
  • In the flashback, the second time the gang got mani-peddies, they both had towels on their heads.
  • TNG 23
    They have dyed their hair pink along with Delia, Jasmine and Lindy.
  • They sat next to each other while getting mani-peddies in the flashback.
  • They sat next to each other at the cafeteria.
  • They were near each other in the basement
    TNG 17
  • Their hair were both felt when they dyed it pink.
  • Garrett agreed with Logan when the voting was unfair.
  • Garrett and Logan both hated the movie.
  • They played foosball together.
  • They watched Amour Amour Amour with Lindy, Jasmine and Delia.
  • They (along with the gang) gasp when Tom explains his story.
  • Garrett and Logan both voted for paintballing.
  • When Logan was playing Foosball with Tom, Garrett was next to him.
  • Logan showed Garrett his latest invention to help their voting problem.

Dear High School Self

  • They both try to find out what Lindy was hiding.
  • They both heard what Jasmine had to say and were near each other when she was talking.
  • They were next to/near each other in the mail cart.
  • Logan and Garrett (along with Delia and Jasmine) were mad at Lindy when they read her letter.
  • They (along with the gang) got locked in the trash room.
  • Garrett and Logan (and Jasmine and Delia) forgave Lindy, when they found out the reason why Lindy wrote that she wanted better friends.
  • They group hugged with Lindy, Jasmine and Delia
  • They stood next to each other in the mailroom
  • Logan asked Garrett, "Are you done?", when he was complaining about being in the garbage shoot, and he said, "No. Bleh!"
  • Garrett was smiling like he found it funny when Logan mocked Lindy

If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout

  • Logan and Garrett were both on Barrcuda Boardroom
  • They were in the basement
  • Garrett (along with the rest of the gang) threw up on Logan
  • They sat next to each other in the cafeteria
  • Logan had a disgusted look on his face when Garrett said he had a some 'business' of his own to take care of.
  • Garrett helped Logan (and Jasmine) with the spray


  • They were in Rumble Juice
  • Logan and Garrett sat next to each other on the blue couch
  • Garrett laughed when Logan made fun of Lindy
  • They were in the movie theatre
  • They were talking
  • Logan told Garrett that there was a play going on and an actor needed the suit he was wearing
  • Garrett served Logan
  • Logan's eyes went wide when he saw Garrett behind the counter

Snow Problem

Logan, Garrett Hitting Slopes
  • They were in Rumble Juice (along with the rest of the gang)
  • Garrett (along with Lindy, Jasmine and Delia) thought Logan's cheap on deals were bad
  • They both liked the cabin at first
  • Garrett told Logan that the cabin was clean and Logan noded
  • Logan wanted Garrett to go snowboarding with him
  • Garrett told Logan that he wasn't feeling good. (Even though it was a lie.) Logan then imidetly knew that Garrett had never snowboarded, after Garrett said this
  • Garrett admitted to Logan that he's never been snowboarding
  • Logan looked worried when Garrett crashed into the wall
  • They both saw Delia's one woman play, thought it was weird and slowly clapped at the end of the performance.

Dance Fever

  • They had English together
  • Logan said good morning to Garrett
  • They were in the cafeteria
  • Logan asked Garrett if he could borrow money
  • Garrett asked Logan why he was wearing a tux in English when the dance was three days away
  • Garrett said Logan was the best dressed guy in English
  • In a flashback, it showed them dancing together at a previous school dance
  • When Logan said he didn't want a repeat of he previous school dance, Garrett said he thought it was still a magical evening.

Now Museum, Now You Don't

  • Garrett and Logan sat next to each other at the lunch table
  • They were both at the museum
  • Logan saved Garrett (and Jasmine, Delia and Lindy) from getting caught
  • They were both told about Lindy's internship at the museum and were both annoyed by it

In the Doghouse with the White House

  • Garrett and Logan both went on the D.C trip
  • They walked into school together
  • Logan knew Garrett was wearing a suit to protect himself from germs and told him they were going to Washington DC, not Mars
  • Logan agreed with Garrett when he said that he could smell the bathroom from the people who last used it
  • They shared a room at the hotel
  • Logan popped Garrett's air mattress
  • Garrett asked Logan to help him with the fridge, so he did
  • They both tried to and managed to sort the fridge out
  • Garrett asked Logan to call his mom so he could go home and Logan looked at Garrett in an annoyed way
  • They were both freaking out about the fridge
  • Logan told Garrett they didn't have time for his weird gasp
  • They (along with Jasmine, Lindy and Delia) were both accused of stealing the president's dog
  • They both (along with Delia and Jasmine) met the president and had a tour of the white house

Phone Challenge

  • They were in the basement
  • Garrett tried to have Logan's phone
  • Logan and Garrett were texting each other (along of the rest of the gang) twice in the episode
  • They were standing next to each other
  • They were in the basement

Earth Boys Are Icky

  • Logan and Garrett were talking in school
  • They were both locked at school
  • Garrett and Logan were siting next to each other in Rumble Juice
  • They were alone at Rumble Juice until Finn came in
  • They were standing next to each other

Lindy Nose Best

  • They both had their own plotline - Logan dating Jasmine and Garrett with Delia being on the football team
  • They both didn't reply to Lindy's protest about her being nosy (along with Jasmine and Delia).
  • Garrett and Logan stood next to each other in the hallway
  • Logan looked at Garrett when he got encourenged to really date Jasmine

Ball or Nothing

  • Logan (and Lindy) blackmailed Garrett
  • Garrett agreed to help Logan (and Lindy)
  • They were in the basement
  • Logan showed Garrett the snowmobile that was used for the lie
  • They sat next next to each other in the basement
  • Garrett looked at Logan weirdly when he showed him the snowmobile

Bad News

  • They were seen talking in the hallway
  • Logan asked Garrett how his date with Amber went and he told him
  • Garrett asked Logan why Amber was hugging Bruno and Logan asked Garrett why she was dating Bruno

Next of Pumpkin

  • They were alone in the basement, before Lindy walked in
  • Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) sided with Logan
  • Logan only told Garrett he was messing with Lindy
  • Garrett tried to keep Logan's secret about messing with Lindy, but told Jasmine and Delia.
  • Logan filed in for Garrett by dancing with Jasmine since Garrett couldn't make it as he was stuck in a corn maze

Merry Miss Sis

Merry Miss Sis4
  • Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) attended Logan's (and Lindy's) Christmas party.
  • Garrett looked worried when Logan fell after crashing into the Christmas party
  • Logan seemed shocked when he saw how much Garrett had changed after Logan wished that Lindy wasn't his sister
  • Logan seemed to like the 'new' Garrett
  • Garrett offered Logan food
  • Garrett looked relieved when Logan woke up.

Season 2

Slumber Partay

Slumber Partay 6
  • They were in Rumble Juice, with the girls
  • They both left Rumble Juice for the same reason
  • Garrett invited Logan to stay at his house, whilst the girls were having their slumber party
  • Logan stayed at Garrett's house
    Slumber Partay 8
  • They both thought an animal were attacking them
  • They were playing video games together
  • Garrett helped Logan play the game
  • Garrett seemed upset when he thought Logan only liked him for his stuff, when they were kids
  • They hid in the dog cage together when they thought the animal was attacking them
  • Logan wrapped Garrett in bubble wrap to protect him from the animal
  • Garrett called Logan man
Slumber Partay 13
  • Garrett said Logan was right that there was an animal outside
  • Logan told Garrett that they became best friends, because back in elementary school, on the first day, when Logan was upset about a slice of pizza, he mentioned that Garrett came over to him and gave his slice.
  • Garrett replied saying that he thought Logan needed it more than he did, while smiling
  • The next morning, Logan showed Garrett that they were scared of a squirrel
  • They seemed to spend a lot of time together in this episode

The Not-So-Secret Lives of Mosquitos and Muskrats

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.20.45 PM
  • They had a scene together, alone
  • Garrett asked Logan aout kissing advice
  • Logan gave Garrett advice
  • They were both at the pep rally
  • Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.22.22 PM
    When Logan told Garrett he was missing the game, he told him it was why he had the headphones
  • Logan laughed at Garrett
  • They were next to each other at the pep rally
  • Logan called Garrett dude
  • Garrett seemed annoyed with Logan
  • Logan looked at Garrett weirdly
  • They were alone in the baement
  • Garrett looked annoyed and offended when Logan laughed at him

Lindy Goes to the Dogs

  • They were at school together
  • When Garrett was at his locker upset, Logan came to him
  • Logan called Garrett dude.
  • Garrett showed Logan that he had bent his fingers
  • Logan looked and seemed worried that Garrett had hurt himself
  • Logan gave Garrett advice
  • Garrett thought Logan's advice was a good idea.

Dog Date Afternoon!

Dog Date Afternoon!15
  • They were hanging out together in Rumble Juice at the beginning of the episode
  • Garrett asked Logan if he could have some of his gum and he told him that it was a gum with dares on and he wouldn't handle it/
  • Logan knew a lot about Garrett
  • They dared each other to do the tasks from the gum, which they did
  • When Logan realized his last dare was that he couldn't touch his hair for 24 hours, he let Garrett win
  • Garrett found out what Logan's dare was and messed his hair
  • They had English together

Logan Finds Out!

  • Logan wished Garrett good luck for trying to get a girlfriend
  • Garrett knew that Logan had gone for a walk by the lake, which meant Logan obviously told Garrett where he was going.
  • Logan filled in for Garrett as the tree in Delia's play when he was sick

Food Fight

Garrett and Logan
  • Garrett was upset and seemed to be jealous of Logan spending time with Erin and not hanging out with him
  • Logan thought they were hanging out when they were talking in Rumble Juice
  • They had a fight, but made up later
  • They were both jealous of other people the other person was hanging out with
  • Logan said no one could replace Garrett as his best friend. Garrett also said this to Logan
  • Garrett offered to buy Logan a smoothie
  • Logan put his arm around Garrett.

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

Garrett & Logan L&LB
  • Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) wants to make Logan's (and Lindy's) sixteenth birthday extra-special
  • They are in Rumble Juice
  • Logan says that Garrett always acts nervous, showing he knows him well
  • Garrett takes Logan (and Lindy) to a dog show (even though its distract them).
  • Logan says to Garrett that he looks almost as manly as his mom in the blue pantsuit.
  • They are on the subway and sit next to each other
  • Logan is looking at Garrett when he's talking to his mom on the phone
  • When Garrett says, "Here's a crazy idea. Let's go to Rumble Juice", Logan says, "How is that a crazy idea? We go there all the time."
  • Garrett seems to enjoy and like Logan's performance on the drums
  • Logan looks concerned when Garrett falls off the roof of the train
  • Logan thanks Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) for the party and apologises for missing it.

Cheer Up Girls

  • Logan and Garrett hung out a lot together
  • They were in the basement
  • Garrett asked Logan why he was wearing a superman's costume
  • Logan told Garrett that he had a job at a kid's birthday party
  • Garrett created his own superhero to go to the party and pretended to be Logan's sidekick.
  • They watched tv together
  • Garrett believed Logan was a real superhero
  • They were at a kid's birthday party together.
  • Garrett called Logan Mr. Awesome
  • Garrett said Logan could hang out at his house

Elementary, My Dear Watson

139119 0261-900x600
  • They were in Rumble Juice
  • Logan seemed amused when Garrett had to sing a song
  • Garrett served Logan
  • Logan wanted Garrett to sing a song when he served him
  • Logan gave Garrett a weird look
  • Garrett tried to convince Logan to choose something else, but he wanted the Banana Boat
  • They were standing next to each other
  • Logan accused Garrett as someone who might have stolen Betty's horn
  • Garrett tried to tell Logan he hadn't stolen the horn, which he hadn't
  • Logan told everyone that Garrett had slept with his mom the night before
  • Garrett was embarrassed from what Logan had told everyone

Lindy Breaks Garrett

Garrett & Logan - LBG
  • They were in the basement together
  • Garrett and Logan were playing video games together
  • They both didn't want to go to the spa at first with Lindy, but then agreed
  • Logan was upset that Garrett had changed and thought he had lost him as his best friend
  • Logan hit Garrett with a bat, in hope of getting him back to normal
  • Garrett hugged Logan
  • Logan told Garrett he missed him, when he came back to his normal self
  • Logan was happy when Garrett was his self again and called him buddy
  • They played video games together twice in the episode.

Doggie Daddy

  • They were in the basement
  • They were sitting next to each other when looking at the puppies
  • Garrett thought that Logan had named one of the puppies Junior, Junior was weird
  • Logan made fun of Garrett by calling him Garrett three
  • When Logan asked if anyone wanted a beef stick, Garrett agreed before being told they were dog treats.

Bite Club

Gogan - BC
  • They were in Rumble Juice
  • It was revealed that they both liked the same TV show - one called Ballet Dad's
  • Logan called Garrett Dude
  • Logan threatened Garrett by saying that if Garrett watched the TV show without Logan, he would never speak to him again
  • Garrett looked upset and hurt when Logan threatened him
  • They were in Rumble Juice again at the end of the episode, with their friends
  • Garrett told Logan that for future reference, women sat with their legs closed and Logan gave Garrett a funny look
  • They were looking at each other's pictures from Halloween night

The Rescuers

Gogan - the finale
  • Logan and Garrett both help save an animal rescue-shelter
  • They are in the basement
  • Garrett and Logan sit next each other on the couch in the basement
  • When Garrett says his Star Exploders collectables and lunchboxes are going to his grandchildren, Logan tells him that the first step to grandchildren is a girlfriend, and the lunchbox thing cancels that out
  • Logan teases Garrett about him never having a girlfriend.
  • They both perform in the band
  • They are in Rumble Juice
  • Garrett is very happy for Logan when he and Jasmine share their first kiss, finally become a couple "for real", and finally admit they love each other, because Garrett ships Logan and Jasmine together as a couple
  • They group hug with Lindy, Jasmine, and Delia.
  • They are next to each other in the group hug
  • Garrett is looking at Logan when Betty walks past them
  • They are standing next to each other before Delia goes on stage and when Betty peforms her magic trick
  • When Logan says, "I think Betty's right. We should keep the band going", Garrett says, "We'd have to learn another song."
  • They are walking near each other at the end of the episode, just before Logan walks behind Garrett with Jasmine.



  • They both are friends with Lindy, Jasmine, and Delia.
  • Both play foosball.
  • Both hate mani-peddies.
  • They both have a special couch at Rumble Juice.
  • They both have blue eyes.
  • They both went on the Washington DC trip and stayed in the same room.
  • They've both met the president.
  • They both go sick and couldn't attend the school dance.
  • They both have a sibling.
  • They both know about Jasmine's crush on Logan.
  • They both like the same TV show - called Ballet Dad's.
  • They're both musically talented - Logan plays the drums and Garrett plays the guitar.
  • They're both part of a band - The Rescuers (along with Lindy, Jasmine and Delia).


  • Garrett plays football, but Logan doesn't.
  • In Fireman Freddy's, Garrett was freaked out by the little boys, but Logan wasn't.
  • Garrett has brown hair, but Logan has dirty blonde hair.
  • Garrett is a germaphobe, but Logan isn't.
  • Garrett is kind a wimp, and Logan is brave.
  • Garrett has his drivers licence, Logan doesn't.
  • Logan has had a girlfriend, but Garrett hasn't.
  • Logan is older than Garrett.
  • Logan can't pronounce subtle properly, but Garrett can
  • Garrett has stage fright, but Logan doesn't.
  • Logan has a girlfriend (Jasmine), but Garrett doesn't.
  • Garrett likes comic books, but Logan doesn't.
  • Garrett does yoga, but Logan doesn't.
  • Its been shown and proven who Logan ends up with in the future, (Jasmine) but its unknown who Garrett ends up with.
  • Logan has admitted to loving his girlfriend, (Jasmine) but Garrett hasn't.
  • Logan is in a serious relationship (with Jasmine) but Garrett isn't.
  • Garrett plays the guitar, but Logan doesn't.
  • Logan plays the drums, but Garrett doesn't.


  • They first met each other in elementary school on the first day. When Logan was given a middle piece of pizza and he was almost in tears, Garrett came over to Logan and gave him his corner piece, which was how they became friends.
  • They both went to Fireman Freddy's when they were little.
  • They both have a sibling.
  • They have English together and sit next to each other
  • They have a favourite TV show - called Ballet Dad's.


  • Episode - Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station: They seemed to have spent most of the episode together and tried to get their blue couch from Rumble Juice back from little kids.
    • The New Guy: Logan and Garrett both agreed that they were out numbered, they also were forced to do things they didn't want to and they had the same problem
    • Dog Date Afternoon!: Logan and Garrett competed against each other at a contest
    • Food Fight: Both Logan and Garrett were upset that they weren't hanging out with each other, which caused them to argue, but they made up and it showed that they do have a strong friendship
    • Cheer Up Girls: Garrett and Logan hung out a lot together and when Logan had a job to pretend to be a superhero at a kid's birthday party, Garrett pretended to be his sidekick.
    • Lindy Breaks Garrett: Logan became upset when Lindy caused Garrett to change his personality and Logan thought he had lost Garrett as his best friend, which meant his friendship meant a lot to him.
    • Bite Club: Garrett wanted to hang out with Logan on Haloween night until he found out he was going to New York and Garrett was upset that he couldn't of hung out with Logan
  • Color - Blue because they both have blue eyes.
  • Number - 12 because Garrett has 7 letters in his name and Logan has 5. 7 + 5 = 12.


Season 1

The Pilot

Logan: You're the jerk face, aren't ya?
Garrett: Affirmative.

The New Guy

Garrett and Logan: Laser tag!

Logan: Well, that was a two-hour stink-fest.
Garrett: Seriously. Amour, amour, amour? It should've been called no more, no more, no more!

Dear High School Self

Logan: Are you done?
Garrett: No. Bleh!

In the Doghouse with the White House

(Logan walks into school, with Garrett following behind)
Logan: Garrett, you do know the school trip is to Washington D.C, not Mars.
Garrett: Mars would be cleaner. Unlike a hotel, thousands of people haven't slept there, let alone gone to the bathroom there.
Logan: What are you going to do? Hold it in the whole time?
Garrett: No. This suit comes equipped with a 16 ounce potty pocket. Aah. Yup, that works.

Logan: I love that fresh hotel room smell.
Garrett: All I can smell is the strangers who were on that bed, and in that chair, and in that bathroom.
Logan: To be fair, I think I still smell that last one, too.
Garrett: I hate hotels. They make me nervous. I'm sweating. I need a cold drink. (Walks over to the fridge)
Logan: (on the bed) Ooh, this butt divot fits me perfect. Let's see what's on TV. Or out the window.
Garrett: I feel like pineapple juice, but I think the sodium in tomato might replenish me.
Logan: That thimble of pineapple juice is like 11 bucks!
Garrett: What?! That's highway robbery!
Logan: Put it back! Quick! The mini-fridge has a thirty second timer, and if everything isn't back exactly how it was, they'll charge you for it!
Garrett (gasps)
Logan: We don't have time for your weird gasp. Go!
Garrett: Help me! Help me put it all back! - Wait.
Logan: No, no, no. It's like a puzzle.
Garrett: You know I hate puzzles!
Logan: Where does the triangle chocolate bar go?
Garrett: I got this.
(The drink roles under the bed and they both panic)
Garrett: Do something! It's about to blow!
(Logan runs over to the fridge and puts the drink back in)
Logan: We did it.
Garrett: I'm exhausted. I really do need something to drink.
(Garrett opens the fridge, causing the buzzer to go off.)

Logan: Seriously? You brought your own air mattress?
Garrett: Oh, this is not just any air mattress. This is a germ-free portable sleep system. It emits a high frequency wave of sound that discourages bugs, bacteria, and dander.
Logan: What discourages you?
Garrett: While you wallow in hotel filth I will be sleeping on a cloud of sterile comfort.(gets on mattress)
Logan: Or the floor. (Pops mattress)
Garrett: Please call my mother. I want to go home.)
(Logan looks at Garrett annoyed.)

Season 2

Slumber Partay

Garrett: Hey, can I ask you something?

Logan: I'm not going anywhere.
Garrett: Back when we were kids, did you really only like me for my stuff? 'Cause I'd hate to think our friendship is only based on that.
Logan: Ah, it's not. I liked you for a lot of reasons.
Garrett: Like what?
Logan: Well...
Garrett: You know what? Never mind.
Logan: Oh, no! I was thinking about it. Sorry, didn't make that clear. Okay, here's something. It happened on the first day we met. We were in the lunch line at school and it was pizza day. Hah, I remember those big square pizzas that came on those giant trays...
Garrett: Who could forget?
Logan: And I was hoping for a corner piece.
Garrett: Double crust?
Logan: The jackpot of elementary school pizza. But when that lunch lady with the giant mole handed me my plate, it was a lousy middle piece!
Garrett: Ooh, tough break.
Logan: Yeah. So I sat down with my stinking middle piece and I'm almost in tears when this goofy kid came up and said "Here", and handed me his corner piece.
Garrett: Well, I could tell you needed it more than I did.
Logan: And that's just one of the reasons I liked ya. There's a lot more where that came from.
Garrett: Well, thanks man.
Logan: So, um, you wanna tell me something you liked about me?

Garrett: Maybe some other time. When I can't feel your heart beating.

Food Fight

Logan: You're my best friend. No one could replace you
Garrett: I feel the same way.

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

Garrett: So, now that the storm's over? Here's a crazy idea. - Lets go to Rumble Juice.
Logan: How is that a crazy idea? We go there all the time.

Doggie Daddy

Garrett: Junior, Junior? That sounds weird.
Logan: Says Garrett three.

Logan: Lets celebrate. Who wants a beef stick?
Garrett: Oh, I'll take one.

The Rescuers

Logan: Hey, how about just selling the lunch boxes?
Garrett: Those are going to my grandchildren!
Logan: Okay, the first step to grandchildren, is a girlfriend, and the whole lunchbox thing kinda cancels that out.

Logan: I think Betty's right. We should keep the band going.
Garrett: We'd have to learn another song.


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