This is Aubrey, the girl I've been babysitting.

Jasmine and Aubrey is the friendship paring between Jasmine Kang and Aubrey. They first met in Food Fight when Jasmine got hired to babysit Aubrey and they became close friends. Their friendship continued in Lindy in the Middle and Doggie Daddy, when Jasmine was shown to still be Aubrey's babysitter.

Other NamesEdit

  • Jasbrey (Jasmine/Aubrey)


Food FightEdit

  • Jasmine got hired to babysit Aubrey
  • Aubrey seemed to like Jasmine
  • They became friends
  • They played games together

Lindy in the MiddleEdit

  • They were in Rumble Juice (with Logan and Delia).
  • Jasmine held Aubrey's shoulder like a mother would with her daughter
  • Aubrey hung out with Jasmine

Doggie DaddyEdit

  • They were seen together for most of the episode
  • They went to Garrett's garage sale



  • They both like school and studying
  • They're both friends with Logan and Delia.


  • Jasmine is a teenager, whilst Aubrey is a young child.
  • Aubrey wears glasses, but Jasmine wears contact lenses