Since we're being all nice, I guess I care about you too.
Logan to Lindy, in the Original Pilot
I love you with all my heart!
Lindy, to Logan, in The New Guy
Logan, I love you, but you don't always have the best business sense.
I love you, Lindy, I love you!
I'm just looking out for my brother. I've always helped him.
Logan: Love you, sis
Lindy: Love you, bro

Lindy and Logan is the twin sibling and friendship relationship between Lindy Watson and Logan Watson. They are always there for each other when they need each other and they really care for each other. They are shown to have a very close sibling relationship.

Lindy and Logan are portrayed by Olivia Holt and Austin North.

For the cast pairing, see Austin and Olivia.

Other Names

  • Lingan (Lin/dy and Lo/gan)
  • Londy (Lo/gan and Li/ndy)
  • Lody (Lo/gan and Lin/dy)
  • Lindan (Lind/y and Log/an)


Season 1

The Pilot

  • They host a party together.
  • They (along with the rest of the gang) had to explain to their parents what was going on while their parents were gone.
  • They stood next to each other in the hallway
  • DHSS7
    They (along with the rest of the gang) get in trouble by their parents.
  • Even though, they don't want to share everything and also disagree here and then, they both really care for each other and stand up for each other.
  • Lindy picked Logan (and friends) over a popular senior, Seth Wall.
  • In the original pilot, Lindy told Logan, "You're still my twin brother. You share 99% of my DNA". Logan then asked, "Is that true?", and she said, "I dunno, I'm hopping its a lot less."
  • Also, in the original pilot, after Logan told Lindy that she had blown his mind about their DNA, he told her, "Okay. As long as we're being all nice, I guess I care about you too", and smiled. Lindy looked really touched, smiled and said, "Logan. Thank you", and opened up her arms for a hug.
  • Logan convinced Lindy not to call the hospital when they thought Mrs. Klasby died.
  • They hugged.
  • Logan took down Lindy when they were hugging.
  • In the original pilot, when Logan and Lindy hugged, he took her down, saying it was a headlock.

Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station

  • Both Lindy and Logan hung out with Jasmine, Garrett and Delia.
  • Logan (and Garrett, Jasmine and Delia) helped Lindy.
  • Logan sat next to Lindy in the cafeteria.
  • When Logan finally won back the chair, he abandoned it the moment Lindy texted that she was in trouble, showing he cares for her more than he knows, or can at least admit.

The New Guy

  • They (along with the rest of the gang) had mani-peddies.
  • Lindy tricked Logan into making a vote.
  • They hung out at Rumble Juice with Jasmine, Garrett and Delia.
  • They watched Amour Amour Amour with Jasmine, Garrett and Delia.
  • They (along with the gang) gasp when Tom tells his story.
  • They both vote to kick Tom out of the group.
  • Lindy and Logan (along with the rest of the gang) wanted Tom to be part of the group at first.
  • Lindy and Logan and the rest of the gang get annoyed from Tom repeating the same story over and over again.
  • When she thinks they are about to die, Lindy tells Logan that she's grateful to have him, and that she loves him with all her heart.
  • Logan was about to tell Lindy something until they found out that they were going to live.
  • When Lindy said she understood Tom's story, Logan told her, "You've never been on a surfboard." Lindy then said, "I'm never been over a rainbow, but I still get the Wizard of Oz."

Dear High School Self​

Dear High School Self Still 2
  • Logan and his friends tried to find out what Lindy was hiding.
  • Lindy lies to Logan (and the rest of the gang) about her letter.
  • When Logan sends her a text for help, Lindy immediately goes and helps him and the gang.
  • When Logan reads Lindy's letter, he is very mad at her.
  • Logan left the house with the gang (not forever of course) because of Lindy even though he lived there.
  • Logan said to Lindy that he wasn't her brother anymore, trying to make a point at her, because of how upset he was.
  • Lindy and Logan (and Jasmine and Garrett) spoke Delia's language.
  • They group hugged with Jasmine, Delia and Garrett.
  • They were hanging out in the living room.
  • Logan asked Lindy to hand him his third grade letter to him and she did.
  • Logan asked Lindy, "Why are you doing your T-rex impersonation?", she nervously said, "I'm not. Its an armpit cramp", and he said, "I hate it when that happens!"
  • Lindy called Logan one her best friends.

If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout

  • Logan defended Lindy when the students booed her in the cafeteria.
  • Logan asks Lindy to be in his project, but Lindy declines Logan's request.
  • Lindy points out all the times his ideas didn't work.
  • Logan asked Lindy for ice tea and lemonade.
  • Lindy gets Logan and the gang ice tea.
  • Logan didn't want Lindy in the project, after she said no the first time.
  • Lindy (along with Garrett, Jasmine, and Delia) vomited on Logan.
  • They bicker a lot in the episode.
  • They were standing next to each other in the Barracuda Boardroom.
  • Lindy tells Logan she loves him, but he hasn't always had the best business sense.


  • They hang out with the gang at Rumble Juice when Lindy and Delia try out for the smoothie contest.         

Snow Problem

Clip - Snow Problem - I Didn't Do It - Disney Channel Official
  • Logan told Lindy about this cheap on vacation and they went together.
  • Lindy told him if he was talking about people stepping on rakes, they know it's funny.
  • Logan was very protective of Lindy when Dash wanted to visit her.
  • Logan asked Lindy what was up with the bouncy castle on her leg.

Dance Fever

  • Lindy fought with Logan's former date to the dance.
  • Lindy was upset when Logan believed Sherri, instead of her.
  • They were in Rumble Juice.

Now Museum, Now You Don't

  • Lindy told the Museum official about Logan selling t-shirts outside the Museum.
  • Lindy got envious of Logan's success and popularity at his job as opposed to her failure.
  • Logan got angry at Lindy for always acting like his way of doing things was wrong, just cause it was different to hers.
  • Logan and Lindy temporarily swapped personalities for the episode.
  • Logan took the fall for what Lindy had done, costing him his job, cause he felt she deserved hers more. 

In the Doghouse with the White House

  • They both went on the Washington DC trip (along with the rest of the gang).
  • Logan told Lindy about him meeting a senator.
  • Lindy said, "I'm moving to Canada" when Logan said that the senator said he was smart enough to work in government
  • They both got accused for stealing the presidents puppy (along with the rest of the group)
  • Logan said, "I'm smarter than you think I am" to Lindy when she said she was gonna move to Canada
  • When Logan said, "Hey, did you know someone stole the president's new little puppy?", Lindy replied, "This is the president's new little puppy!" Logan then asked, "What?! Why did you guys do that?!" and Lindy said, "We didn't!"

Twin It to Win It

  • This episode was somewhat about Lindy and Logan's relationship
  • They both took a test about twin telepathy
  • They were in the living room
  • Logan cheated off of Lindy and told her
  • Lindy asked Logan what was wrong with her when he was laughing
  • Lindy put her arm around Logan
  • They sat text to each other on the couch at Rumble Juice
  • Logan said hi to Lindy when she was queuing for her smoothie
  • Lindy told Logan that she had just had an interesting conversation with a woman about twin telepathy
  • Logan told Lindy she had broken their mom's antique when she asked what had fallen
  • They were both smiling at each other when having their smoothies.

Lindy Nose Best

  • They both had their own plots - Lindy trying to make peace with her teacher and Logan dating Jasmine.
  • They were in the cafeteria together.
  • Logan told Lindy that he got a b on his history paper
  • Lindy was surprised when Logan got a higher grade than her
  • Logan told Lindy that Mr. Buffington didn't like her
  • They were in the basement
  • Lindy sat next to Logan (and Jasmine) in the basement.
  • Lindy asked Logan, "Are you sure Mr. Huffington gave you a B?", and he replied with, "Lindy, I don;t get a lot of them, but I do know what they look like."
  • Logan told Lindy to tell Mr. Buffington that she knew him
  • Lindy walked in on Logan on a date with Jasmine
  • Lindy was looking at Logan when he was walking over with Jasmine
  • Lindy gave Logan advice - to date Jasmine for real if they really liked each other
  • Logan didn't seem to want to tell Lindy the truth about her being nosy so didn't reply to her protest
  • Logan (and Jasmine) gave Lindy a look when she was about to say her opinion about them flirting on their date

Ball or Nothing

  • Lindy and Logan have a plot together
  • They are hanging out in the kitchen
  • They both try to distract their dad when he wants to go into the fridge, when the ball is there
  • Logan looks at Lindy weirdly when she's trying to distract their dad
  • They work together to get Dick Butkus to sign a ball
  • Logan and Lindy look at a photo on Lindy's phone
  • They both blackmail Garrett.
  • They are in the basement.
  • They both come up with a lie so they won't get into trouble, but it doesn't work.

Next of Pumpkin

  • This is another important episode that somewhat focuses on their relationship
  • They are bickering in the second scene
  • They are in the basement with their friends
  • After everyone believes Logan's side of the story, Lindy feels awful and says she'll make it up to him
  • When Logan is telling his part of the story, he says he was looking for Lindy, being worried about her and called her his 'dear twin sister', asking where she was
  • Logan is mad at Lindy for what she did the night before
  • Lindy seems hurt when Logan is mad at her
  • Lindy sings a song for Logan to try to apologize, but it doesn't work
  • Logan manipulates Lindy into feeling guilty
  • Lindy, again, tries to apologize to Logan, saying she'll do anything
  • They have a huge fight with the pumpkin

Bicycle Thief

  • Logan and Lindy were seen at their locker together
  • Lindy asked Logan why there were so many books in the locker and he told her
  • Lindy wanted Logan to remove the books from their locker
  • Logan was disappointed when Lindy made him remove the books
  • They had a couple of scenes together
  • Lindy asked Logan how his rash was and he said it was okay

Merry Miss Sis

  • This episode was about Lindy and Logan's relationship.
  • They wore matching sweaters
  • Lindy said she didn't want to spend Christmas fighting with Logan.
  • Logan made a wish that Lindy wasn't his sister.
  • Lindy told Logan that she had dropped out of school
  • Logan said he hated his life without Lindy as his sister
Merry Miss Sis7
  • Logan told the angel that he wants Lindy back and said, "I want my sister, back!"
  • Logan said,"I wish my sister again, I wish my sister again!!", meaning Lindy means a lot to him
  • Logan was revealed when everything's back to normal and Lindy is his sister again.
  • Logan said, "I love you, Lindy! I love you!!", three times
  • Lindy thought Logan wasn't okay when Logan said this and seemed worried.
  • Logan hugged Lindy.
  • They celebrated Christmas with their friends.
  • This was an episode that showed more of a development in Lindy and Logan's relationship, as Logan learns that life without Lindy wouldn't be the same.

Season 2

Slumber Partay

  • They were in Rumble Juice
  • When everyone was talking about how they once caught nits from each other, Lindy said, "And, I got it from Logan", and he replied saying, "Oh, no. We already went around once".
  • Lindy smiled at Logan
  • Logan told Lindy, "Lindy, I took the cover off the trampoline, so let the puking begin", and she replied with, "Oh, no, not this year."
  • Logan asked Lindy what a coast guard did, she gave him a confused look, telling him what they did.

The Not-So-Secret Lives of Mosquitos and Muskrats

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.22.03 PM
  • They were both at the pep rally and both hated their arch rival school
  • They were in the basement
  • Logan became very upset with Lindy when he learnt that she went out with Jake
  • They were at Rumble Juice
  • Lindy said she really hurt her friends by dating Jake, meaning Logan
  • Logan stood with Lindy when she was standing up for herself and she smiled at him

Lindy Goes to the Dogs

  • Lindy and Logan were the first ones introduced in this episode
  • They were walking to Rumble Juice together
  • They both loved Franklin
  • They were in the basement together
  • LindyandLoganLindyGoestotheDogs
    Logan knew that Lindy really loved puppies
  • Lindy told Logan that she didn't think that the guy (who wanted Franklin) would be a good person to take care of Franklin. (Even though it was just so she could keep Frankin)
  • Logan came into Lindy's bedroom and asked her if she was okay, after giving Franklin to the guy
    Logan & Lindy -LGTTD
  • Lindy told Logan that she had fostered another dog and showed the picture of the dog to him.
  • Lindy told Logan that she really missed Franklin
  • Logan told Lindy she did a really good job of taking care of Franklin and she smiled at him
  • Lindy called Logan wise. She asked, "When did you become the wise one?" and he replied with, "I have no idea. Just write it out, it won't last."

Lindy & Logan Get Psyched!

Lindy & Logan - L&LGP
  • They were in Rumble Juice together along with Delia
  • Lindy kept helping Logan with things, including him put his straw in his smoothie
  • Logan asked for Lindy's help
  • Lindy mentioned she has always helped Logan and liked doing it, because they're twins
  • Logan was upset when Lindy stopped helping him, (because Delia told her not to).
  • Lindy was upset when she couldn't help Logan
  • Lindy said she couldn't refuse Logan's puppy dog eyes look
  • They helped Delia with her physiology project.

Logan Finds Out!

Logan talks to the best confident, his twin sister
  • Lindy felt really sorry for Logan when she found out Erin dumped him
  • Lindy turned Logan's head so he could talk to her 
  • They had a scene together, alone.
  • When they were in Delia's play, Lindy hugged Logan
  • Logan was talking to Lindy about the fact he knew that Jasmine really liked him 
  • Logan asked Lindy if he did okay in the play
  • Lindy called Logan sweetie, and touched his shoulder

Stevie Likes Lindy

Lindy and Logan - SLL
  • They went to Stevie's mansion together, along with Jasmine
  • Logan tried to convince Lindy to accept a sports car as a gift from Stevie
  • Logan knocked on the door and went into Lindy's bedroom
  • They both thought the other person was playing opera music
  • Lindy said, "Well, this is officially the weirdest conversation we've ever had" and Logan nodded in agreement
  • They went on the balcony together and found Stevie on the lawn
  • Logan was trying to encourage Lindy to go out with Stevie
  • Lindy told Stevie to have fireworks saying "thank you" in the evening to cheer Logan up (because he was upset over the fact he never got to use Stevie's gold toilet).

Falling for... Who?

Lindy Comforts Logan

Lindy comforting Logan. Aww.

  • Lindy asked Logan what was wrong when he came into the basement, moaning
  • Logan asked for Lindy's (and Jasmine's) advice on what tux to wear for the dance.
  • Logan only admitted his feelings for Jasmine to Lindy and wanted to ask her out, but to no one else. Lindy got really excited about this.
  • When Logan was talking to Jasmine and Owen, whilst almost crying in front of them, Lindy looked at Logan with a sad, worried look on her face, showing she felt really sorry for him.
  • After Jasmine left with Owen and Logan cried over her, Lindy looked sad and worried, because she knew Logan wanted to be with Jasmine and because she wanted them to be together. Also, because Lindy was worried that Logan was crying.
  • After finding out that Jasmine had started dating Owen and Logan was really heartbroken, Lindy said, "Logan, I am so sorry", in a sad tone, because she knew that Logan wanted to be with Jasmine.
  • Lindy hugged Logan.
  • When Logan asked Lindy how Jasmine met Owen, she didn't wanna say how, because she knew Logan was really heartbroken and she didn't wanna make him feel worse. Lindy looked guilty when Logan asked her, because she was the one who set Jasmine up with Owen and obviously felt guilty for doing so, showing Lindy felt guilty that Logan's heartbreak was basically her fault and didn't want to see him even more heartbroken than he already was, especially because Lindy wanted Jasmine and Logan to be together.

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

Lindy and Logan sweet moment

Lindy and Logan's second hug. Aww!

  • This episode was about Lindy and Logan, because it was their 16th birthday
  • They were on the subway together
  • They had a surprise party, which their friends held for them
  • Llb1
    Lindy wanted to make Logan's birthday extra-special
  • Lindy said Logan was awesome on the drums
  • They hugged after Logan performed.
  • Logan told Lindy that what she did for him made it the best birthday ever
  • Logan said, "Love you, sis"
  • Lindy said, "Love you, bro"
  • Logan put his arm around Lindy and pulled her in for a hug
  • They hugged and both smiled
  • They hugged twice

Doggie Daddy

Lindy & Logan - DD
  • They were in the basement
  • Logan and Lindy were the first ones introduced in this episode
  • Lindy told Logan that the treats he ate were for Lucky the dog
  • They had a couple of scenes together
  • Lindy was jealous of Logan that Lucky liked him better than her, and she even admitted it to him
  • Logan told Lindy that she was a much better dog parent than he was
  • They were in the basement with their friends at the end of the episode.
  • Logan put his hand on Lindy's shoulder and she smiled at him
  • They went to the vets together

Drum Beats, Heart Beats

  • Lindy said that Logan told her that he was an amazing drum teacher
  • Lindy said, "See ya later", to Logan (and Jasmine)
  • Lindy yelled at Logan to tell him that Jasmine was there when he was upstairs, and he said he would be right down.

The Doctor Is In

  • They both were friends with Dr. Scott Gabriel
  • They were at the vets together
  • They fought over Scott
  • They apologized to each other for fighting over Scott
  • Logan let Lindy have the last ice scream that was at home
  • Lindy let Logan have the ice scream instead, and he thanked her with a smile.

Bite Club

The gang - BC
  • They were in Rumble Juice
  • They looked at each other's photos from Halloween
  • Logan seemed to find it funny when Lindy said Jasmine thought Vlad was a real vampire
  • Lindy was looking at Logan

The Rescuers

Lindy & Logan - the finale
  • Lindy and Logan are the first ones introduced in this episode
  • Logan calls Lindy, Linds.
  • Logan asks Lindy how to spell aardvark and she helps him spell it
  • They smile at each other
  • Logan and Lindy help save the animal rescue-shelter, along with the rest of the group
  • They have a talk alone
  • Lindy tells Logan that Jasmine still likes him, which makes him really happy
  • Logan and Lindy group hug with Jasmine, Garrett and Delia
  • When Lindy says "I love you, guys", Logan says, "Love you too".
Lingan - the finale
  • Lindy and Logan high five after performing
  • Lindy gets close to Logan and puts her arm around him when she is singing
  • Lindy gets super excited when she sees Logan and Jasmine admit they love each other, share their first kiss and finally become a couple "for real", because she knows that Logan really likes Jasmine, like she does with him and because Lindy ships Jasmine and Logan as a couple and has always wanted them to be together.
  • When Lindy comes up with the band name as 'The Rescuers', Logan says he likes it.
  • Logan finds it funny when Lindy says poo.
  • Lindy puts her hand on Logan's shoulder
  • Logan asks Lindy, "Quick question: how do you spell aardvark?", to which she helps him out with and starts spelling it out for him. Logan then cuts Lindy off and asks, "Two A's? Don't mess with me."



  • Both have the same friends - Jasmine, Garrett and Delia
  • Both were born on the same day and year, making them twins.
  • Both go to DITKA High School.
  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Both had to explain to their parents what happened while their parents were gone.
  • They hosted a party together.
  • They shared the same locker.
  • They have the same birthmark that is shaped as Finland.
  • They were both called "Dork-nossels", by Mrs Klasby.
  • They have the same English teacher. 
  • Both of their names start with, "L".
  • They have the same last name, which is Watson.
  • Both tried to impress Seth Wall in The Pilot.
  • They had both been text dumped (Lindy by Jake; Logan by Erin).
  • They both dated more than one person.
  • They're both part of a band (along with Jasmine, Garrett and Delia).
  • They're both musically talented - Logan plays the drums, and Lindy sings.
  • They both love puppies
  • They both have a gluten problem (as revealed in the original pilot).
  • They both really care for and are protective about each other
  • They both know about Jasmine's feelings for Logan.
  • They both have nicknames for each other - Lindy calls Logan, Sweetie and Bro; and Logan calls Lindy, My Own Twin Sister, Blondie, and Sis.


  • Lindy has brown eyes, but Logan has blue.
  • Lindy is female while Logan is male.
  • Lindy is very smart, a tad geeky but Logan is laid back and confident.
  • Logan's hair is a darker shade of blonde to Lindy's.
  • Lindy loves mani-peddies, but Logan hates them.
  • Lindy has an obsession with Christmas decorations, but Logan doesn't.
  • Lindy is older than Logan by 15 seconds.
  • Logan is dating someone (Jasmine), but Lindy isn't.
  • It has been shown and proven who Logan ends up with in the near future, (Jasmine) but it is unknown who Lindy ends up with.
  • Lindy sings, but Logan doesn't
  • Logan plays the drums, but Lindy doesn't
  • Logan has admitted to loving his girlfriend, Jasmine, but Lindy has never admitted that to any of her boyfriends.
  • Logan is in a more serious relationship with him dating Jasmine, but Lindy isn't
  • Logan is a lot more sensitive than Lindy
  • Logan has known what its like to suffer from a big heartbreak, (when he suffered from a huge one from losing Jasmine) but Lindy doesn't
  • Lindy loves the theatre, but Logan doesn't


  • Lindy is older than Logan by fifteen seconds.
  • Logan used to hate it when Lindy touched him.
  • It is revealed in the original pilot that both Lindy and Logan have a gluten problem.
  • They're fraternal twins
  • Their birthday is in the winter months of the year
  • They used to have dog when they were younger, called Harry
  • Logan is dating Jasmine, who is his sister, Lindy's, best friend
  • Lindy was the first to find out about Logan's love for Jasmine.


  • Colour — Blonde - They both have blonde hair.
  • Object — Stroller - When they were babies they had their own stroller that looked the same.
  • Number — 10, since they both have five letters in their name. 5 + 5 = 10.
  • Episode - - The Pilot: They hosted a party together and were revealed to be twins
    • The New Guy: When Lindy thought she and the gang were about to die when on a plane, she told Logan she loved him with all his heart.
    • Dear High School Self: Logan and his friends became upset and mad at Lindy when they learnt she wrote in her letter that she wanted better friends back then, and Logan called Lindy his 'own twin sister', before forgiving her
    • Snow Problem: Logan became very protective of Lindy when a guy called Dash wanted to see her
    • Next of Pumpkin: After a misunderstanding, Logan became mad at Lindy for what happened the night before whilst their parents were out. Lindy tried to make it up to Logan, but Logan manipulated Lindy into feeling guilty, which caused them to have a huge fight
    • Merry Miss Sis: After Logan made a wish that Lindy wasn't his sister, he realized how much she meant to him and Logan said he loved Lindy.
    • Lindy & Logan Get Psyched!: This episode showed growth of Lindy and Logan's relationship and it was revealed that they always helped each other ever since they were little.
    • Falling for... Who?: This episode showed a very caring moment between Lindy and Logan, when Lindy comforted Logan when he suffered from a huge heartbreak over Jasmine, after he lost her to Owen.
    • Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday: This episode was about Lindy and Logan, because it was their birthday
    • Doggie Daddy: Lindy became jealous of Logan when her new foster dog, Lucky, liked Logan more than Lindy, and they spent a lot of time together when looking after Lucky.


Season 1

The Pilot

Lindy and Logan: I didn't do it!

Lindy: Uh, you're actually letting me touch you. We're hugging!

Logan: Uh, no we're not! It's a take down.

Lindy: What? Ow, Logan! You are so lame!

Lindy: (to Seth Wall) No one calls my brother lame and for the record, he's a better guy than you'll ever be

The New Guy

Lindy: Logan, if we don't make it, I just want you to know that even though we fight all the time I am so grateful to have you as my twin brother, and I love with you with all of my heart
Logan: Cool.
Lindy: Cool? Cool? That's all you have to say?!

Logan: You've never been on a surfboard.
Lindy: I've never been over a rainbow, but I still get the Wizard of Oz

Dear High School Self

Lindy: I have an armpit cramp.
Logan: I hate it when that happens!

Logan: There is no excuse for what you wrote.
Lindy: Just hear me out.

Lindy: ...And that was why I was so upset with you guys.
Logan: We were just little kids. Kids do stupid things.
Lindy: Yes they do! Like write they want new friends.

Lindy: Drop it, Logan. We all know rat damon didn't open the cage door, and dance him self outer here.
Logan: He gave me his rat word.

If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout

(Logan is in the kitchen; Lindy walks in)
Logan': Oh, hey, so I've been thinking. Since your terrible initiative idea led to my awesome spray idea, you want to be a partner, too?
Lindy: Huh, become a partner in a fictional business that hasn't been started based on a chemistry project that hasn't been done. Yeah, I think I'll pass.
Logan: I'm detecting a note of skepticism.
Lindy: Logan, I love you, but you don't really have the best business sense. Do I have to remind you about the squirrel petting zoo?

Logan: I got a bad batch of squirrels, all right? And one failure does not a bad businessman make.
Lindy: One? What about edible sunglasses? Bubble wrap slippers?
Logan: Well, that that was-
Lindy: Crustless, cheeseless pizza?
Logan: It was ahead of its time!
Lindy: It was a handful of sauce!
Logan: You know, with that attitude, I'm about to take my partnership offer off the table.
Lindy: Oh, you can take it off the table, put it in a doggy bag, and bury it in the backyard with your shakel(leaves).
Logan: The half-shovel, half-rake was ahead of its time, too!

In the Doghouse with the White House

Logan: I met the greatest guy today. He's a senetor and he thinks I'm smart enough to work in government.
Lindy: I'm moving to Canada
Logan: I'm smarter than you think I am. Hey did you hear someone stole the president's new little puppy?
Lindy: (holding the puppy) This is the president's new little puppy!
Logan: (holding the puppy) What?! Why would you guys do that?!
Lindy: We didn't!

Lindy Nose Best

Logan: Guess who's got two thumbs and a B on his history paper? (Points to himself) This guy!,
Lindy: First of all, you're supposed to point at yourself with your thumbs when you say that. Second of all, are you sure Mr Buffington gave you a B?
Logan: Lindy, I don't get a lot of them, but I do know what they look like

Logan's Run

Lindy: You are unbelievable. Would you ever do anything without a ulterior motive?
Logan: I dunno. What's in it for me?

Next of Pumpkin

Lindy: I feel awful, I promise I will make it up to you!
Logan: Don't bother! I am disgusted with you, and I don't think I can ever forgive you.
Lindy: Logan, you disgust me every day and I forgive you.
Logan: You know what, Lindy? Not everything's a joke.

Bicycle Thief

Lindy: Hey, how's the rash?
Logan: Its fine. I found a cream in the dumpster, too.

Merry Miss Sis

Logan: I wish you were my sister, again, I wish you were my sister, again!!

Logan: I want my sister back!!

Logan: I love you, Lindy, I love you!! (hugs her)
Lindy: Okay, call a doctor. He's not okay

Season 2

Slumber Partay

Lindy:...And I got it from Logan.
Logan: Oh, no. We already went around once.

Logan: Lindy, I took the cover off the trampoline, so let the puking begin.
Lindy: Oh, no, not this year.

Lindy Goes to the Dogs

Logan: Hey, you okay?
Lindy: Yeah, I just miss Franklin. (shows phone) oh, look, they sent me a pic of him with the twins.
Logan: Aw, thats sweet. It kinda looks like us with our old dog, Larry.
Lindy: It was Harry
Logan: No wonder he never came when I called him.

Lindy: When did you become the wise one?
Logan: I have no idea. Just write it out, it won't last.

Falling for... Who?

(Jasmine leaves the basement with Owen; Logan is really heartbroken and he cries a little)
Lindy: (sadly) Logan, I am so sorry.
Logan: (heartbroken) I don't get it. I mean, yesterday she was single.... now she has a boyfriend? How did she even meet that guy?
Lindy need to dwell on that part.
(Logan sits down really heartbroken, crying; Lindy hugs him)

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

Logan: Linds, thanks for making this an amazing birthday
Lindy: It was your sixteenth. I had to make sure it was special.
Logan: Special? It was the best one ever. Love you, sis
Lindy: Love you, bro

Drum Beats, Heart Beats

Lindy: Logan, Jasmine's here!
Logan: (from upstairs) I'll be right down!

The Rescuers

Logan: Hey, Linds. What are you doing out here?
Lindy: (smiles) I am waiting for Colin from the rescue place. He's bringing me my next foster dog.
Logan: Another dog? I was hoping you'd get something different this time. Like a llama.
Lindy: A llama.?
Logan: A unicorn would also be awesome, but I know they're not real. Right?
Lindy: Right.
Logan: What about those horses with wings?
Lindy: (puts hand on shoulder) Why don't you make a list of all the animals you're not sure about, and we'll go over them later.
Logan: Great

Logan: Quick question: how do you spell aardvark?
Lindy: AAR-
Logan: Two A's? Don't mess with me.

(Logan is in the basement and Lindy walks in)
Lindy: There you are, I've got big news
Logan: (stands up) They found a unicorn?
Lindy: (excitedly) No, Jasmine likes you!
Logan: (excitedly) Are..are you serious?
Lindy: Yes!
Logan: Wait, tell me exactly what she said.
Lindy: (excitedly) She said she has feelings for you
Logan: I thought you said that she likes me
Lindy: Its the same thing
Logan: This..this is amazing. Wait, what about Owen?
Lindy: They're still together, but Jaz is really confused and doesn't know what to do.
Logan: (sighs) Great. Now I'm gonna have to challenge Owen to a duel. (sits down)
Lindy: A duel? Yeah, thats not how it works. For the last two hundred years (sits down)
Logan: Phew, thats a relief, cause I don't know where my slapping glove is.
Lindy: Well, you have to talk to Jaz. I think if she knew that you liked her, it might help her make up her mind.
Logan: Boy, for someone who is such a loser in the love sure know how to play it.
Lindy: Now, I wish I had my slapping glove.


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