Well, after six years of working my butt off in the industry, I finally got my big break... Booked series regular role on a new Disney show!
— Peyton's tweet on Twitter.[1]

Peyton Paul Clark (born May 20, 1994) is an American actor. Clark stars as Garrett Spenger, the over-analytical teenager with an affinity for cleanliness and obscure details in I Didn't Do It.


Early LifeEdit

Peyton Clark was born on May 20, 1994, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Clark received his first taste of performing in front of a large audience at age four, when he was invited on stage to sing "Charlie Brown" with the legendary R&B group, The Coasters, at a local concert in the park. He went on to play several roles in his elementary school plays and was later cast as Little Jake in the neighboring high school's production of "Annie Get Your Gun." He continued to perform in various high school plays, as well as regional theater productions. [2]


  • His full name is Peyton Paul Clark
  • He has been on an episode of Code:9, an old Disney prank show.
  • This is Peyton's first role on a main cast and first time being on Disney Channel.
  • He used to date Brittni Kristine, but they decided to just be friends. 
  • His sister is Acacia Brinley Clark. Along with Acacia, Peyton has one adoptive sister, Maleia, and a brother, Keegan.
  • His favorite movie is Star Wars.
  • He'd like to visit Japan.
  • Peyton used to have a huge crush on Hilary Duff.
  • His favorite episode of I Didn't Do It is Snow Problem.
  • His favorite drink is Coca-Cola.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • He likes playing video games.
  • His favorite food is spicy chicken.
  • He is currently 5'11.
  • He doesn't like pancakes but he is a fan of waffles.
  • He has a cat named Cotton.
  • In a tweet, it is revealed that on the set, he is closest with Piper out of all of them.
  • Piper's nickname for him is "Pee Pee."
  • He ships the pairing, Larrett.
  • His cousin is the Australian musician Nash Yamin.
  • He is the third Disney star who's name is "Peyton", the other two are Peyton List from JESSIE and Peyton Meyer from Girl Meets World.
  • He attended the Disney Channel May The 4th Be With You party at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
  • Peyton is currently dating Sarah Carpenter, who is Sabrina Carpenter's sister.
  • His girlfriend, Sarah Carpenter, is also his best friend.[3]
  • He starred in a movie called Windsor, which came out on September 23, 2016.[4]


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