Happy birthday to ma "day one" homie as he puts it. thanks for letting me and @troyogletree crash your parties & your selfies. love you big.
— Piper Curda via Twitter.[1]
Piper and Austin (also known as Paustin) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Piper Curda and Austin North. They are close friends on and off set of I Didn't Do It and dated during the first season of the show, apparently from May to October 2014 . Like many of the cast, they tweet each other a lot. They seem to be close in most pictures. They are seen to be hugging in many pictures too.
Paustin - EDW live taping

For the cast pairing, see Jasmine and Logan

Other Names

  • Paustin (P/iper and Austin)
  • Ausiper (Aus/tin and P/iper) 
  • Ausper (Aus/tin and Pi/per)
  • Pistin (Pi/per and Au/stin) 
  • Austiper (Aust/in and P/iper)
Austin and Piper 4

Piper behind Austin


Piper & Austin Good Morning America
  • Austin and Piper appeared on Good Morning America together, on May 15th, 2014. [2]
  • They went to Hollywood Horror Nights along with Olivia Holt and Sarah Gilman.[3]
  • On Feb. 13 2014, Austin tweeted this.
  • Piper (and Olivia) were singing in the background of Austin's phone conversation here.
  • Piper Curda tweeted "Long Day" with Austin. 
  • Piper tweeted five questions to Austin when he was doing #AskAustin.
  • While Sarah was hugging Piper, Piper was hugging Austin in this photo.
  • Sarah posted this of them.
  • Piper retweeted Austin's first commercial.[4]
  • Piper tweeted about Austin.[5]
  • Piper responded to Austin's tweet with this.
  • Austin tweeted this to Piper when she tweeted about a music video. He also retweeted it.
  • Sarah posted a video of Austin and Piper "pranking" on Peyton.
    Austin and Piper 5
  • Piper made Austin (and Peyton) sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.[6]
  • Austin and Piper (along with Olivia Holt) had lunch on set together.[7]
  • Piper was doing a live stream and skip to 5:45 and Austin tweeted to the live stream
  • Both of them went to Disneyland together.
    • On that trip, Piper posted two photos of them together, one with the two of them drumming, captioned a drummers paradise. Another one was of them on the tower of terror, captioned "Austin's alive, We're less than thrilled".
      • In that photo, Piper was pointing to Austin
  • Piper posted a picture of Austin wearing blue with a blue car behind him saying blue on blue
    • A fan asked if Piper and Austin were dating and Peyton Clark replied, saying probably were, implying they might be dating
      • Peyton was then asked again on Twitter and replied, saying that he is no longer allowed to comment on that subject
  • The two of them, along with Jake Short, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard and Bradley Steven Perry, have the John Inside Joke
    • Austin North posted a picture of him and Piper Curda, "Johnning" in Johnny Rockets
  • On Twitter, Piper Curda got asked if she would trade Austin for a lifetime supply of Donuts, she said yes.
  • [Austin Tweeted 'PIPES' and Piper tweeted back 'AUS!'] and a picture of both of them goofing around.
  • Piper and Austin (and Sarah) went with a bunch of other stars to the Santa Monica Pier
    • Austin and Piper tweeted a photo of them together (with everyone else)
    • Piper Curda retweeted a picture by Bop and Tiger Beat captioned that Austin won Piper a doll
      • Piper replied to this with "What a Gent"
  • Raini Rodriquez posted a photo on instagram of Piper and Austin (and Sarah Gilman) with her.
  • Piper and Austin have fun hanging out with each other.
  • They wore matching outfits when they arrived on set.
  • There are a lot of pictures of them together, on their Instagram profiles.
  • When filming Slumber Partay, Piper was painting Austin's nails.[8]
  • They were watching a playback of a scene from Season 2 episode 5, together, along with Payton Clark and Piper linked arms with Austin (and Peyton). [9]
  • Austin had his arm around Piper's (and Olivia's) waist, and Piper and Austin are standing next to each other, as seen on Austin's instargram profile page.
  • During a live taping, Piper and Austin were holding hands. [10]
  • They were hugging in a couple-ly kinda way.[11]
  • In a behind the scenes picture, Austin has his arm around Piper (and Olivia), and Piper and Austin are standing next to each other. [12]
  • Piper has her arms around Austin's neck, they're both smiling and they are kinda cuddling, making it look like they're a couple. [13]
  • In a behind the scenes picture for Seasonn2, episode 10, Piper and Austin were sitting really close together, as seen here
  • Austin has his arm around Piper, like he's pulling her in for a side hug. [14].
  • Piper had her arm around Austin, as if they were dating. [15]
  • Austin retweeted Piper's tweet about Logan Finds Out!
  • Piper and Austin were most likely talking about the hug scene from Logan Finds Out!, when Piper nervously said, "Just a friend helping out another friend, riiiiight?" Austin then replied saying, "Riiiight". This hinted and showed they both liked it. [16]
  • During an outtake of the hug scene from Logan Finds Out!, when Piper and Austin were laughing, because Olivia said, " Aww", they both pulled away whilst laughing, and Piper had her hand on Austin's chest. [17]
  • Piper and Austin were doing a remake of the Titanic scene where they have their arms out, with Austin behind Piper [18]
  • Austin posted a picture of him and Piper from. 2014, when they were in Disney Land together. [19]
  • During the Season 2 last live taping, Piper and Austin were hugging in a very couple-y kinda way and Piper had her arms around Austin's neck and resting on him, whilst he had his arm around her waist. Piper snuggled up to Austin as if they were dating. [20]
  • Austin retweeted Piper's tweet about Falling for... Who?
  • In an interview, both Austin and Piper were talking about Jogan. Piper also said that she is really close with Austin, said she loves Austin as a friend, and said that she gets along well with Austin, possibly hinting she has feelings for him.[21]
  • Piper, via Twitter, said, "Anyone else just like totally distracted by Austin's biceps in this scene or...", like she pays attention to his arm and thinks he's good looking, as if she likes him.[22]
  • Piper retweeted Austin's tweet about Drum Beats, Heart Beats[23]
  • Austin and Piper were standing close next to each other, where Austin had his arm around Piper, whilst she had her hand on his chest a little.[24]
  • Piper said, " forever confused by the concept of decaf coffee", and Austin replied, "thank you". Piper then said, "anytime"[25]
  • Piper sent Austin a happy birthday note saying, "to one of the most genuine dudes in an artificial world, to one of the most swoon-worthy smolders, to one talented son of a gun, to one of my best friends. happy birthday, aus. love you with all I am, miss you with all I've got."[26]
  • Piper and Austin have dated.[27] They apparently dated from May to October 2014.[28]
  • Austin sent Piper a happy 18th birthday message on Instagram. He said, "Happy birthday to one of my best friends. Love ya Pipes. Welcome to adulthood."
  • Austin and Piper kiss for the episode, The Rescuers.
  • After filming the Jogan kiss for The Rescuers, someone asked Piper if she really liked kissing Austin, and she said yes. This hints that Piper likes Austin.
  • After the kiss, Piper and Austin both had really big smiles on their faces and their reactions didn't look scripted, especially since Piper liked kissing Austin. Their reactions might not have been scripted.
  • Austin said that he was jamming out to Piper's new song, Happy.[29]
  • Austin said that The Rescuers was his favourite episode to shoot, which included the Jogan kiss, so it's highly possible that Austin really liked kissing Piper. It also hints that Austin has feelings for Piper.[30]
  • Piper and Austin did a live stream together for the series finale (with Peyton and Sarah). before it started, Piper called Austin and they hugged when he came to her house. When Piper saw Austin, she was biting her lip, whilst talking to him and they both called each other Pipes and Aus. They were talking a lot before doing the live stream. Austin kept staring at Piper through the live stream, especially when Piper said she liked how the series ended with Jogan happening and Austin was blushing when Piper mentioned Jogan, like Austin was thinking about the kiss he and Piper had to do, like Austin liked kissing Piper.[31]
  • On the day after shooting the series finale, when the cast were holding the clapboard, Piper was holding it and Austin was standing next to her, with his hand on top of her's, like they were holding hands. They were acting very much like a couple, especially with Jasmine and Logan being a couple.[32]
  • Piper and Austin watched the finale with the rest of the cast and Piper rested her arm on Austin and he was smiling a little.[33]
  • It has been shown that ever since filming the Jogan episodes, Piper and Austin have become much closer than they were before and seem to act like a couple quite a lot.
  • On the day of wrapping up Season 2, the cast were having a picture taken and Austin and Piper were standing very close to each other. Her shoulder was resting on his. [34]
  • Austin and Piper were standing really close together after filming the series finale. Piper was biting her lip and Austin was smiling.
  • On November 23, 2015, Austin posted a picture of him and Piper from earlier that year. He wrote the caption, "Throwback with one of my favorite girls. Your amazing Pipes, never change! I love you.❤️"[35]
  • Austin retweeted Piper's tweet about the series finale.[36]
  • When Austin and Piper were dating, Austin said "Piper" with a black heart, plus "Can't wait to go for two days", when she posted "Hey" with black hearts, showing they were going away together. Austin also once said "Yes! :D And I'm happy with that", when a fan asked him if he and Piper were dating.[37]
  • Austin retweeted Piper's tweet about it haven been 3 years since the premiere of I Didn't Do It.
  • Austin tweeted that Piper captioned his enjoyment of an iced coffee.[38]
  • Piper high fived Austin at the end of the Stevie Likes Lindy live taping.[39]
  • On July 30th, 2017, Piper put a birthday message to Austin on Instagram with the caption, "Happy birthday to the homie @austinnorth55. you're one of my favorite people and you put together a rad bday hang. here are pics from last night of before and after I realized I sat down in troy's water". Austin then liked Piper's message.[40]
    • Also on Austin's 21st, Piper tweeted "Happy birthday to ma "day one" homie as he puts it. thanks for letting me and @troyogletree crash your parties & your selfies. love you big" to him with a picture of the two of them together and she was sort of resting her head on him. They were both smiling.[41]
      • Austin then replied to Piper's tweet saying, "Love y'all thanks for hanging", with two red hearts and happy faces emoji's.[42]
  • On July 30th 2016, Piper tweeted Austin, "Happy bday dood. Love you big time @austinnorth55" with the hashtag "Jogan4orever". She also posted a photo of them together from the dance scene from Next of Pumpkin.[43] Austin then replied the next day with "Haha thanks pipes!! Love ya!!"[44]
  • Austin tweeted to Piper, "Happy birthday @pipercurda!! Can't wait to celebrate with you today!!", in 2016.[45]
    • Piper then replied with, " Thanks for celebrating with me Aus. Sorry you lost miserably 😘"[46]
  • On August 16th 2016, a fan posted a picture of her with Austin and Piper, indicating they were alone out for dinner.[47]



  • They both have a Twitter account.
  • They both have an Instagram account.
  • They both have been on A.N.T Farm.
  • They both are part of the main cast of I Didn't Do It.
  • They both love Disney Land and have been there together.
  • They both ship Jogan
  • They both have at least one sibling
  • They both tweet each other on Twitter.


  • Austin has dirty blonde hair, but Piper has brown hair with light brown highlights
  • Austin has blue eyes and Piper has brown eyes.
  • Austin is from Cincinnati, Ohio and Piper is from Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Austin is 22 years old and Piper is 21 years old.
  • Austin has less number of siblings than Piper
  • Austin was born in July and Piper was born in August.


  • Their couple name is Paustin
  • This is their first time for them to be part of a main cast on Disney Channel.
  • They both play drums
  • They have dated.
  • They both ship Jogan.
  • They have many shippers that want them together
  • They love to be at Disneyland and have been there together
  • They both worked with Disney before, but I Didn't Do It is their first big role.
  • They both have guest stared on A.N.T farm
  • They've matched a few times before on set and it's never planned
  • They often tweet each other on twitter
  • They kiss for the episode, The Rescuers.
  • Not only are Piper and Austin both drummers, but their character's, Jasmine and Logan, are also both drummers.
  • Their characters are each other's main love interest.


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