I'm having a party!

The Pilot[1] is the first episode in Season 1 of I Didn't Do It. It first aired on January 17, 2014 to 3.89 million viewers.


Lindy and Logan face their parents who have just returned from a night out, determined to somehow understand just how their home became covered in foam, why pizza is falling from the ceiling, how a goat got into their living room, why a snake is in their sofa and what happened to Mrs. Klasby, the 91-year-old babysitter.



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International Premieres

  • April 7, 2014 (Australia)
  • May 2, 2014 (UK)
  • May 8, 2014 (Israel)
  • May 11, 2014 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • May 16, 2014 (Spain and Portugal)
  • June 14, 2014 (Poland)
  • June 21, 2014 (Hungary and Romania)


  • It aired on May 2, 2014 in the UK.
  • According to Piper Curda, she had "loads of fun" shooting the pilot.[2]
  • This episode was filmed on February 5, 2013 but was re-filmed in September 2013 due to some changes being made.
  • This episode came out early on iTunes.
  • When Lindy said Marco and Mrs. Klasby said Polo it was a reference to the pool game called Marco Polo.
  • This is the first episode that shows a younger Lindy and Logan.
  • After the party occurs, Lindy and Logan both say simultaneously, "I Didn't Do It!", which is, presumably, a reference to the title of the series.
  • This episode is released on the same date of the movie, The Nut Job on January 17th.
  • The differences between the original and new pilot are:
    • In the original pilot, it is revealed that Jasmine wears contact lenses, but it isn't revealed in the new version, so we, instead, find out about this in The New Guy.
    • In the orginal pilot, it was revealed that Logan had a fear of spiderwebs.
    • In the original pilot, Mrs. Klasby had actually died and Lindy and Logan saved her life, but in the re-shot version, they thought she had died when she was actually sleeping.
    • In the original pilot, it is revealed that Lindy and Logan have a gluten problem.
    • In the original pilot, there was another member of the gang called Vic, but his role was cut before the show was released, which was one of the reasons why the pilot had to be re-shot in September. [3] He can be seen in this picture.
    • In the original pilot, Lindy's hair was curly. In the re-filmed episode, her hair is straightened. Also, Logan had an emo hairstyle in the original pilot, but was different when the episode was re-shot.
    • In the original pilot, a spare living room was shown in Lindy and Logan's House.
    • This episode aired right after DCOM, "Cloud 9", at 9:45pm.

Original Pilot

The original pilot can be seen here.


  • When Garrett puts the quilt into the washing machine the fabric softener is on the other side. Then when he is startled by Mrs. Klasby the fabric softener falls into the washing machine. The fabric softener couldn't have moved that fast.
  • In the flashback, Delia puts the python into the couch upstairs but in the last scene the baby pythons come out of the couch in the basement.
  • When Garrett goes to put the quilt into the washing machine, the washing machine is in the basement. But when the foam from the washing machine starts coming into the living room, it comes from upstairs, which isn't possible since the washing machine is supposed to be in the basement.

Memorable Quotes

Nora: But mostly, we're concerned about your 91 year old babysitter!
Bob: What happened to Mrs. Klasby?
(Pans over to Mrs. Klasby sleeping in the hot tub)
Lindy and Logan: I didn't do it!

Nora: Do you have any idea how upset we are?!
Logan: Would pizza make it better?

Jasmine: She already got four? I am so behind!
Lindy: Oh, would you stop, Jasmine? There's so much more to school than boys. I mean really, I wanna run for student council, try out for gymnastics and... become Mrs. That Guy.

Logan: Man, when I thought about picking up a lady at this party this is not how I saw it going.
Lindy: Shh, Emergency Services said they'll be a while but there's nothing they can do anyway.
Logan: Yeah, that's what I said, but whenever I have an idea you make it sound like I'm stupid!

Garrett: Good news: I’ve fixed the washing machine. Bad news: you need someone to fix the washing machine.

Garret: (Spits out a white thing) I think I just ate some insulation.

Mrs Klasby: Why am I soaking wet, I stink like a goat, my girdle is full of foam. Why do I feel like I've been dropped down the stairs and tossed out of the window?!
(Bob and Nora look at at Lindy and Logan)
Lindy and Logan: I didn't do it!!

Jasmine: We are so legendary. We're gonna get invited to every party.
Logan: Yeah. Too bad we're grounded for the next six weeks.


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