β€œ Jasmine: Jasmine loves Logan.
Logan: Logan loves Jasmine.

"The Rescuers" is the nineteenth episode in season 2. It is the season and series finale of I Didn't Do It. It aired on October 16, 2015, as well as having aired on February 12, 2016 in the UK. It was watched by 2.26 million viewers on it's premiere night.[1]


Lindy and the gang scramble to book a big musical act in the benefit concert they are throwing to save an animal rescue shelter. Meanwhile, Jasmine finally figures out her feelings for Logan.


Lingan - the finale
The episode starts off at Rumble Juice. Logan sees Lindy and asks her what she is doing. Lindy tells Logan that she is waiting for Colin from the animal shelter to give her the next dog to foster. Logan hopes for something different - like an unicorn. Lindy tells Logan to write a list of all the animals he isn't sure of and he agrees. Colin comes with four dogs and tells Lindy to take all four, because if the shelter doesn't raise five thousand dollars by end of the month, the shelter will be shut down.

In the basement, the gang are discussing what to do to raise money. Jasmine suggests doing a bake sale, which Lindy disagrees on and Delia suggests doing a cat wash, which again, is disagreed on. Logan comes up with the idea of having his favourite band, The Wheasles, perform since Logan is now close with the drummer, Keith Edwards and they all agree on the idea. Jasmine says they now just need to find a venue in which Logan replies with saying they need to also find a place to do it, unaware that a venue is a location. Garrett says he will talk to Betty about having it at Rumble Juice, thinking the two have gotten closer, because she hasn't called him a disappointment in two days.

Has Jogan finally happened?
Outside Lindy's bedroom, Lindy, Jasmine and Delia are there. Jasmine's phone rings and it is revealed to be Owen, but she ignores it. Delia and Lindy ask Jasmine is everything is okay between the two, which Jasmine says yes too, but she admits she still has feelings for and loves Logan (referring to Drum Beats, Heart Beats). Jasmine has to choose between Owen and Logan, but doesn't know what to do. Delia convinces and wants Jasmine to break up with Owen to be with Logan, which shows how much of a Joagn shipper she is. Lindy asks Delia how things are going between her and Brandon and Delia says not so great and is thinking about breaking up with him. Jasmine is still confused about what to do and Delia tells Jasmine that if Jasmine breaks up with Owen, Delia will break up with Brandon, revealing that things really are bad between her and Brandon.
Inside Rumble Juice, Garrett asks Betty if the gang can have their benefit concert there, which she says yes too, as long as she too can perform, which he says yes too, whilst confusing each other during a conversation over the history of music. Then, outside Rumble Juice, Garrett is there and Delia walks up to him. Delia asks Garrett what he thinks about Brandon and she says he is so annoying. Delia tells Garrett she needs to break up with Brandon, but she doesn't want to hurt him, because of how sweet of a guy he is. Garrett tells Delia that she should find someone to break up with Brandon for her, which she says is a great idea and hires Garrett to do this, which he says yes too, for twenty dollars.

Awww! Just look at them! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

In the next scene, Logan is in the basement and Lindy comes in telling him she has great news. Logan thinks the rescue-shelter has found a unicorn and she tells him that Jasmine still has feelings for him, much to his surprise and happiness. Logan questions Lindy about Owen and she says that he and Jasmine are still together, but Jasmine is confused about what to do. This makes Logan want to challenge Owen to a duel to win Jasmine's heart, showing how much Logan loves and wants to be with Jasmine. Lindy tells Logan that duels haven't been done in the last two hundred years. Logan tells Lindy that it is a relief because he can't find his slapping glove, showing he is willing to slap Owen to get Jasmine to be his girlfriend, instead of Owen's, showing how much Logan loves Jasmine. Logan also states to Lindy that even though she is a loser in the love game, she's good at it, making Lindy wanna slap Logan.
Logan's New Girlfriend

Back at Rumble Juice, Brandon walks in and sees Garrett and Brandon tells Garrett that he is meant to be meeting Delia there. Garrett tells Brandon that Delia isn't coming and breaks up with him for Delia, leaving Brandon crying on Garrett's shoulder, much to his disgust. In the basement, Lindy and Logan are there just about to head to school. Keith Edwards walks in and tells them that the band can't perform at the concert, because they broke up the night before. When Keith leaves, Lindy comes up with the idea of the gang forming a band - with her singing, Logan on the drums, Jasmine on bass, Garrett on guitar and Delia playing the keyboard - which Logan agrees to.


At school, Logan sees Jasmine and Owen hugging, unaware they are breaking up and leaves with sadness. Jasmine chooses Logan and breaks up with Owen, showing Jasmine really does love Logan.

True Loves Kiss

The first and waited, Jogan kiss!!πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’–

At Rumble Juice, Delia thanks Garrett for breaking up with Brandon for her and Garrett that Brandon won't leave his side, so Delia gets Betty to break up Garrett's friendship with Brandon, leaving Brandon very upset. At the Benefit concert, Delia announces that Betty is the next act. Betty does a magic trick, where she cuts Kevin in half, much to his shock. Betty succeeds in doing the trick and Kevin asks her to put him back together, but she says she hasn't figured out how to do that yet. The gang then perform their new song called Count on Me, helping to raise more money. After the gang perform, Logan is putting the drums away and Jasmine asks him if he needs help. Logan says to Jasmine that he doesn't need it and the two say how great they were. Logan tells Jasmine he hasn't seen Owen and she says he hasn't come. Logan questions Jasmine about this and she says she has broken up with him, much to Logan's surprise and happiness, which also includes him dropping the drum.

Jogan feels!! 😍

Jasmine tells Logan that she and Owen were saying goodbye when he says he saw the two hugging, which makes Logan really happy. Jasmine tells Logan that she broke up with Owen, because she can't stop thinking about him, proving Jasmine truly loves Logan. Logan tells Jasmine he couldn't stop thinking about her either, making Jasmine blush and she even almost cries with happiness. Logan and Jasmine finally admit their feelings for each other "for real", as if they are admitting they still have feelings for each other since their " break up", in Lindy Nose Best, but its much stronger than that, with Logan also finally confessing to Jasmine that he loves her! (Referring to Falling for... Who?) He says, "Jaz...I-I think I'm in love with you" and she replies with, "Then, I think you should put down that sneer drum", flirtatiously, telling him she loves him too, making him blush, so he does. The two grab hands, lean in, finally share their first kiss, which is kind of them making out, finally become a couple "for real", and "get back together", since their "break up" in Lindy Nose Best, much to both Logan and Jasmine's happiness because they have both been waiting a long time, to be together, for what feels like forever. Especially Jasmine's because she finally has what she's always wanted - the kiss and Logan as her boyfriend "for real"- with the gang cheering and capping in the background, showing that they are all Jogan shippers - especially Lindy.
The gang - the finale
The final scene shows the gang walking out of Rumble Juice and Delia confirms that Jasmine and Logan are officially dating, because she calls them a couple. Delia also says that she and Lindy will have to now battle it out for Garrett, much to his excitement, but the girls say no, which makes Garrett say it was a good couple of seconds. Betty walks by everyone when Lindy's phone bleeps and she says they have raised enough money to save the rescue, much to everyone's delight. Betty tells Logan, Jasmine, Lindy, Garrett and Delia that they were really great and encourages them to continue with the band. Lindy tells Betty that everyone is so glad she took over Rumble Juice and she says she likes having them around, too, especially since they buy so many smoothies.
Watching Jogan
Betty says she is shopping for a boat. Jasmine asks Betty how she got Kevin out of the box and Betty shouts, "KEVINNN!", in shock, forgetting about him and she runs back inside. Logan says Betty's right and the gang should keep the band going. Garrett tells them they will need to learn another song and Jasmine says they also need to come up with a name. Delia suggests 'The Delia Delfano Experience', whilst Garrett suggests 'Garrett and Friends'. Jasmine and Logan also finally admit they love each other in the process, proving that they could get married in the near future, with everyone saying "Aww". Lindy suggests the band to be called 'The Rescuers', because they rescued the dogs. Logan, Jasmine, Garrett and Delia all agree on the name and the gang group hug. Lindy thanks Logan, Jasmine, Garrett and Delia for being her friends and tells them she loves them, which they also say to her. The gang start to walk away from Rumble Juice and Delia turns to the others saying the band could be called, 'The Rescuers featuring Delia Delfano', in which Lindy says there is one in every band. The gang walk away from Rumble Juice, ending the episode, season, and the series.


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Guest cast

  • Daryl Crittenden as Colin


Garrett: Betty, I wanna ask you-
Betty: No
Garrett: You didn't even let me finish
Betty: No
Garrett: Well, can I even-
Betty: No
Garrett: (fast) Betty, can we not have a benefit concert here?
Betty: No.
Garrett: Thank you (starts to walk away)
Betty: (gets up from chair) Wait a minute. What just happened?
Garrett: Well, I said can we not have a benefit concert here, and you said no, so that means yes. Its called a double negative.
Betty: You used math to confuse Betty?
Garrett: And words. We're trying to raise money to save dogs. We even found a band to play and everything
Betty: Okay. You can have it here. If Betty gets to be in the show
Garrett: Uh, its not a talent show.
Betty: It will be when Betty's in it. So, who's the band?
Garrett: The Weasels
betty: Oh, I love The Weasels! I had them on eight track
Garrett: What?
Betty: It's what we had before cosets
Garrett: What?
Betty: It's what we had before CD's!
Garrett: What?
Betty: It's how we listen to our music!
Garrett: Oh! well, everything's digital, now.
Betty: What?
Garrett: These days music is downloaded
Betty: What?
(Garrett walks away.)

Betty: I will now cut my nephew Kevin, in half!
Kevin: (scared) Cut me in half?! We didn't talk about this!
Betty: This is something I wanted to do to many, many, many members of my family
Kevin: (scared) Get me outta here!

Delia: Hey, Garrett, let me ask you something. What do you think about my boyfriend?
Garrett: Brandon?
Delia: I know, isn't he annoying?!
Garrett: What's going on, Delz?
Delia: Well, I wanna break up with him, but he's such a sweet guy and I don't wanna hurt him. I just... hate giving people bad news
Garrett: Me too. Don't you just wish you could get someone to deliver bad news for you? That would make life so much easier
Delia: That's a great idea. You're hired. Break up with Brandon for me.
Garrett: I can't do that.
Delia: I'll pay you twenty bucks.
Garrett: I can do that.

(Jasmine's phone rings and she ignores it)
Lindy: Who was that?
Jasmine: Owen
Delia: Not taking a call from your boyfriend? Is there trouble in paradise?
Jasmine: No, we're fine. It's just-
Lindy: What?
Jasmine: Its nothing.
Delia: Oh, please. "It's just" is never nothing
Jasmine: Well, this time it really is nothing. It's just-
Lindy: Oh no. Jas, what's going on?
Delia: Yeah. Spill it.
Jasmine: Remember those feelings I used to have for Logan? I've kinda been having them, again.
Lindy What?
'Delia: What happened to Owen?
Jasmine: Nothing. I still have feelings for him, too. I don't know what to do.
Delia: Break up with Owen is what you do. Drop him like a bad habit, dump him like the sinking bad of trash he is!
Lindy: Delz, how are things with you and Brandon?
Delia: Not so great!
Lindy: Yeah, and I'm having issues with my new foster dog, it's just a bad time for all of us.
Jasmine: I just don't know what to do. Owen's a great guy
Delia: Logan's a great guy, too.
Jasmine: Owen's really smart
Delia: Logan's a great guy, too.
Jasmine: And the thing is... I don't even know if Logan could ever like me in the girlfriend way. Maybe he'll always think of me as a super cute friend (pouts).
Lindy: So...if you did know how Logan felt, would that make your decision any easier?
Jasmine: I don't know. Maybe.
Delia: Well, if you break up with Owen, then I'm breaking up with Brandon.
Lindy: Things are really that bad?
Delia: We've been disagreeing on a lot of stuff lately. Like, Brandon sees a future where humans and sideboards will live together in harmony, and I see a future where I don't have to look at Brandon's stupid face.

(Logan is in the basement and Lindy walks in)
Lindy: There you are, I've got big news
Logan: (stands up) You found a unicorn?
Lindy: (excitedly) No, Jasmine likes you!
Logan: (excitedly) Are..are you serious?
Lindy: Yes!
Logan: Wait, tell me exactly what she said.
Lindy: (excitedly) She said she has feelings for you
Logan: I thought you said that she likes me
Lindy: Its the same thing
Logan This... This is amazing. Wait, what about Owen?
Lindy: They're still together, but Jaz is really confused and doesn't know what to do.
Logan: (sighs) Great. Now I'm gonna have to challenge Owen to a duel. (sits down)
Lindy: A duel? Yeah, that's not how it works. For the last two hundred years (sits down)
Logan: Phew, that's a relief, cause I don't know where my slapping glove is.
Lindy: Well, you have to talk to Jaz. I think if she knew that you liked her, it might help her make up her mind.
Logan: Boy, for someone who is such a loser in the love sure know how to play it.
Lindy: Now, I wish I had my slapping glove.

Jasmine: Need any help?
Logan: Oh, no thanks, I got it.
Jasmine: You were great tonight
Logan: Thanks, so were you. Hey, I uh, didn't see Owen out there.
Jasmine: Yeah, he... didn't come.
Logan: Why not? It seems like your boyfriend would wanna see you perform.
Jasmine: Well, he's not my boyfriend, anymore.
Logan: (drops drum) I'm sorry, what?
Jasmine: We broke up.
Logan: But, yesterday, I..I saw you guys hugging in the hallway
Jasmine: We were saying goodbye.
Logan: (smiles slightly) Oh.
Jasmine: (gives Logan a flirty look) Would you like to know why we broke up?
Logan: (gives Jasmine a flirty look) Yeah.
Jasmine: (giggles and smiles) Well, I told him I couldn't stop thinking about someone else
Logan: Oh (turns around and picks up drum)
Jasmine: (giggles and smiles) That someone else is you.
Logan: (turns to Jasmine) oh! Well, then, I guess I should tell you what I was gonna tell you yesterday. (looks at Jasmine flirtatiously) Do you wanna hear it?
Jasmine: (giggles and smiles) Yeah..
Logan: I uh...I can't stop thinking about you either. Jas.... I think I'm in love with you.
Jasmine: (blushes and gives Logan a flirty smile) Then, I think you should put down that sneer drum.
(Logan puts the drum down, walks back over to Jasmine. The two grab hands, lean in and kiss. Lindy, Delia, Garrett and Betty cheer and clap)
Jasmine: (turns to Logan, flirtatiously) Looks like they a prove.

Delia: (to Jasmine and Logan) So, now that you guys are a couple, I guess Lindy and I have to battle it out for Garrett
Garrett: (excitedly) Really?
Lindy and Delia: No.
Garrett: Well, that was a good couple of seconds.
Lindy: (phone bleeps) Oh my gosh. We raised enough money to save the rescue!
Logan, Jasmine, Garrett and Delia: Yay!
Betty: I'm not surprised, you guys did great tonight. You should keep going with that band.
Lindy: Betty, I don't know if we've ever told you this, but we're really happy you took over this place<
Betty: Well, I like having you around too. Especially since you buy so many smoothies. I'm shopping for a boat.
Jasmine: Hey, how did you finally get Kevin out of that box?
Betty: (eyes widen in shock) KEVINNN! (runs into Rumble Juice)
Logan: I think Betty's right. We should keep the band going.
Garrett: We'd have to learn another song
Jasmine: And come up with a name
Delia: How about, The 'Delia Delfano Experience'?
Garrett: Garrett and friends?
Jasmine: (looks at Logan lovingly and flirtatiously) Jasmine loves Logan
Logan: (looks at Jasmine lovingly and flirtatiously) Logan loves Jasmine
Lindy and Delia: Awww!
Delia: And no.
Lindy: Hey, how about 'The Rescuers'? Because we rescued the dogs.
Garrett: Works for me
Logan: The Rescuers. I like it.
Jasmine: (smiles) Me too.
Lindy: Okay, Rescuers, group hug
Lindy: Thank you so much for being my friends. I love you guys
Jasmine, Logan. Garrett and Delia: We love you too, Linds.
Lindy: (chuckles) Alright, lets get out of here.
(Everybody starts to walk away and Delia turns around, stopping them)
Delia: The Rescuers, featuring Delia Delfano
Lindy: There's one in every band.
(Everyone walks off)

Songs Featured


  • This episode is the season 2 finale, and series finale.[2]
  • This is the final appearances of Lindy Watson, Logan Watson, Jasmine Kang, Garrett Spenger, and Delia Delfano.
  • Jasmine and Owen break up in this episode.
  • This was named after a Disney movie in 1977, The Rescuers.
  • It is confirmed that Jasmine and Logan are officially dating, because Delia calls them a couple
  • This episode is part 7 of the Jogan arc.
  • Jasmine finally realizes and figures out that she does still have feelings for Logan
  • This episode is sort of an continuation to Drum Beats, Heart Beats, because in that episode, Jasmine realized she still had feelings for Logan, and in this episode, she realizes and figures her feelings out for him. Also, because in that episode, Jasmine thought Logan told her he loved her, and he finally tells her he loves her, in this episode and because that episode was left on a sort of cliff-hanger until this episode.
  • The Jogan subplot is pretty much exactly the same as the Falling for... Who? plot.
  • Lindy sings in this episode. This is the second episode in which she sings, the first one being in Merry Miss Sis.
  • The gang starts a band, "The Rescuers", formerly known as "Keep going, we'll do it later". The gang's role's in the band are:
    • Lindy - Vocals
    • Logan - Drums
    • Jasmine - Electric Bass
    • Garrett - Acoustic Guitar
    • Delia - Keyboard
  • Logan plays the drums again. It is the third time he is seen playing the drums, the first time was in Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday, and the second time was in Drum Beats, Heart Beats.
  • Logan finally asks Jasmine out..."for real"
  • Jasmine and Logan finally admit their feelings for each other, as if to say they still have feelings for each other after their "break up".
  • Jasmine and Logan sort of "get back together" in this episode, since their "break up", in Lindy Nose Best.
  • Jasmine and Logan finally start dating...."for real"
  • Jasmine and Logan finally admit they love each other...twice.
  • Delia and Brandon break up in this episode
  • Jasmine and Logan finally share their first kiss. The kiss is also kind of a make out. It is also the first and only kiss of the series.
  • This episode is like the Austin & Ally episode, "Last Dances & Last Chances", because Jasmine breaks up with Owen to be with Logan, like how Ally broke up with Gavin to be with Austin, Jasmine and Logan admit their feelings for each other, Logan asks Jasmine out, like how Austin did with Ally, she says yes, and Jasmine and Logan finally become a couple and share their first kiss, like how Austin and Ally shared their third kiss and got back together.
  • This episode is also pretty much exactly the same as the Austin & Ally episode, "Relationships & Red Carpets", because both episodes had a plot about Jasmine and Logan's (Austin and Ally's) relationship, Jasmine and Logan (Austin and Ally) admit their feelings for and that they love each other, the two share an unblocked kiss, and end the season as a couple.Β Also, Jasmine and Logan end the series as a couple, like how if Austin & Ally would have been cancelled after Season 3, Austin and Ally would have ended the series as a couple.
  • There are references to previous Jogan episodes - Falling for... Who? and Drum Beats, Heart Beats.
  • In the scene where Jasmine and Logan shared their first kiss, Jasmine wore the exact same blue heart necklace she wore when she and Logan shared their first real hug, in Logan Finds Out! Ironically, both moments were really big moments in Jasmine and Logan's relationship and both episodes are part of the Jogan Arc.
  • Everyone finds out about Logan's crush on Jasmine in this episode.
  • This episode proves (as well as Drum Beats, Heart Beats) that Jasmine and Logan could definitely get married in the future, that they are truly in love, in love more than ever, and are soul-mates.
  • This was Austin's favourite episode in the show.[3]
  • The last line of the series was said by Lindy: "There's one in Β every band".
  • Star Exploders is a parody of Star Wars.
  • There are references to four episodes - Falling for... Who?, Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday, Doggie Daddy, and Drum Beats, Heart Beats.
  • keith Edwards, from Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday, returns in this episode, making it his last appearance.
  • Like Falling for... Who?, this episode is like the Austin & Ally episode, "Chapters & Choices", because in that episode, Austin had to choose who he wanted to be with - Ally or Kira - and he chose Kira, even though he later wanted to be with Ally. And in this episode, Jasmine has to decide who she wants to be with - Logan or Owen - and Jasmine loves Logan and chooses him over Owen.
  • Despite that this episode aired in October, it was actually set in early November, most likely only a few days into the month, because the previous episode was set on Halloween night, on October 31st.
  • Jasmine and Logan mention events from the Jogan Arc.
  • This episode was watched by 2.26 million viewers on its premiere night, making it the highest rated episode of the season.
  • This episode aired on February 12th in the UK, which was only two days before Valentines day. This seemed to be a valentines day themed episode in the UK due to the airdate.
  • Logan seems to think the British accent is a different language to the American accent.
  • The cast had the table read for this episode on May 21st, and filmed it on May 27th, 2015.[4][5]
  • This is the second time Jasmine almost cries in the show, the first being in Logan Finds Out! The only difference between the almost cries are that the first time, Jasmine almost cried over Logan when she lost her chance with Logan, and in this episode, Jasmine almost cries of happiness when Logan tells her he loves her.
  • The last scene of the episode set on a Friday, (as said by Lindy) and it aired on a Friday - in both the US and the UK.
  • Garrett doesn't know what the old types of ways to play music are, even a CD, as music is downloaded these days.
  • There were supposed to be bloopers at the end of the episode, but they were cut.
  • Its assumed that Jasmine and Logan married after this episode.
  • This was the writer's favourite episode of the series.[6]
  • This wasn't the only finale to air that night. The series finale of Jessie aired 1 hour before this episode aired.
  • This seemed to have been the most popular and highest rated episode of the series due to Jasmine and Logan finally ending up together.
  • Olivia Holt sang live for the episode.[7]
  • Dez Wade is said to have appeared in the audience whilst the gang performed Count on Me.
  • This episode basically continued from Drum Beats, Heart Beats, because in the promo for that episode, it said that Jasmine had to choose between Logan and Owen, but she instead made her choice in this episode of who she would rather be with. Jasmine chose Logan and they ended up together.


  • Lindy tells Logan that Jasmine likes him by saying, "Jasmine likes you!", as if Logan was the first to realize his feelings for Jasmine, when Jasmine was actually the first to realize her feelings for Logan, so Lindy should really be saying, "Jasmine still likes you!" rather than "Jasmine likes you!"


Jogan - the finale
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