Real Gone Part 2 is the second part of the Real Gone arc. This one picks up after Real Gone where Lindy is angry with Logan.


This follows after part 1. Lindy is in school looking for Jacob and he isn't anywhere to be found and she sees Jasmine and asked if Jacob is in school today and she said he isn't. At lunch everyone were talking about what could've happened to Jacob and Logan said he stormed out of the house mad last night and Jasmine and Lindy were freaking out. After they get home Lindy starts searching for Jacob and the first place she looks his parents and sees that he isn't there either so she looks down the street and she sees him walking down the sidewalk listening to music so convinces him to come home and he said if goes back with her he is going to hurt Logan, but she told him Logan wants to talk so he goes back home with Lindy only to realize she lied and so after Logan made his desicion he was telling Jacob he was wrong because he knows deep down he still loves Jasmine. Logan later apologized to Jacob for what he said and the two forgave each other. Logan knows Jacob is also still hurting over Jasmine.