Lindy gets a job at dog shelter. She meets assistant manager Warren Handsone and starts to like him, wich is causes a problem for her and DJ. In the meanwhile Garrett and Delia have work together to pass gym class.

(In the mall)

(Lindy and DJ are walking hand in hand and see a poster)

DJ: Look Lindy they are looking help for the dog shelter.

Lindy: So, why is that important?

DJ: Because you love dogs and I think you will be a great help for them.

Lindy: You thinks so? DJ your so sweet.

DJ: So are you going to apply for the job?

Lindy: I don't know.

DJ: Come Linds, I know you would have a blast working there.

Lindy: Your right. I'm going to do it.

DJ: You go girl.

Lindy: Wish me good luck?

DJ: Good luck

(DJ gives Lindy a kiss on the cheek and Lindy walks in the shelter)

(Meanwhile at Rumble Juice)

Logan: Hey bud what going on?

Garrett: I'm failing gym.

Logan: How could you fail gym? I get gooder grades at gym

Garrett: It is good grades, not gooder.

Logan: I don't care.

Garrett: Anyway I need to pass gym or else my mom sends me to sports camp.

Logan: So what do you have to do to pass gym?

Garrett: My and my partner need to do a obstacle course.

Logan: Partner?

(Delia and Jasmine walk in)

Delia: Your ready for the obstacle course partner.

Garrett: No, such a obstacle course is muddy and full other filthy stuff

Logan: Delia your failling gym?

Delia: Yes, I'm not a sport person, I'm a cat person.

Jasmine: And if you fail gym what are parents going to do?

Delia: Or else is it goodby Sénior Mustache.

Logan: I didn't know that your cat was Italian.

(Meanwhile at the chelter)

Lindy: Hello anybody here.

Boy: Yes, can I help you

(Lindy looks dreamy at to boy)

Lindy: Umh....Yes I'm Lindy Watson and I'm here to apply for the job.

Boy: Okay, that is good. Do you have any experience with dogs?

Lindy: Yes, I've. I foster dogs until they get a new home?

Boy: That is great. I would love to have you here

Lindy: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you...?

Boy: Warren, Warren Handsone.

Lindy: Nice meeting you Warren Handsome.

Warren: It's Handsone.

Lindy: What did I say?

Warren: Handsome.

Lindy: I'm sorry.

Warren: It's okay, don't you think I'm handsome?

Lindy: Yes,No,Yes,NO, I mean your are pretty handsome.

Warren: Lindy, can you start tomorrow?

Lindy: Yes I can.

Warren: Great, see you tomorrow Lindy.

Lindy: So you tomorrow Mr Handsome, I mean Mr handsone.

Warren: Call me Warren.

Lindy: Goodby Warren.

(Lindy walks out of the dog shelter) 

Lindy's got the job. And meets her new boss Warren. But something is up. Wil Garrett and Delia pass gym?

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