Previously on I didn't do it: Lindy is forced to tell the truth to DJ About kissing Warren. And the school dance is getting closer.

(At Rumble Juice)

Jasmine: So have you told DJ the truth about the kiss?

Lindy: No

Delia: Are going to tell him?

Lindy: Yes, but not right now.

(Betty comes walking by)

Betty: So what are you girls talking about? Jasmine: Nothing

Betty: So you girls weren't talking about Lindy kissing Warren Handsome.

Lindy: It's Handsone and how did you know I kissed him?

Betty: I'm Betty LeBow I know everything about everybody.

Delia: You were eavesdropping on our conversation weren't you?

Betty: Yeah, that was it.

(Betty sits next to Lindy)

Betty: Lindy you have to tell the truth to DJ now.

Lindy: I can't tell him now, he is so happy.

Betty: and it's going the be harder if you don't tell him now.

Jasmine: See Lindy listen to Betty.

Betty: One question?

Lindy: Sure what is it?

Betty: So does this Handsone guy have a single father or uncle?

Lindy: I don't know

Betty: Can you ask for me?

Lindy: No

(Betty walks away and Warren comes in)

Delia: Speak of the devil.

Warren: Hi girls.

Jasmine: Hey Warren.

Warren: Lindy can we talk outside please?

Lindy: Okay.

Jasmine: Just keep your lips to yourself.

(Lindy and Warren walk outside)

Lindy: Look I'm sorry for what happend the other day.

Warren: Lindy I like you and you're all I think about.

Lindy: What I'm?

Warren: Yes you're and I want to be with you.

Lindy: Warren I.......

Warren: Lindy please I know you have feelings for me to.

Lindy: I've a boyfriend.

Warren: I know and that's why is so hard for me to tell you.

Lindy: Warren I need time to think about it.

Warren: Please let me know.

(Few Hours later at the dance)

Logan: This dance is awesome!

DJ: Yeah.

Garrett: And it's so clean out here.

DJ: Logan do you know where Lindy is?

Logan: No, why has she said anything to you?

DJ: No, why are you asking that.

Logan: No reason.

DJ: Logan you are my best friend please tell me what's wrong.

Garrett: Yeah Logan what's up with Lindy?

Logan: I can't tell you that, she had to do that.

DJ: So she is hidding something form me.

(Lindy,Jasmine and Delia walk to the boys)

Logan: Hey Jasmine.

(Gives Jasmine a kiss)

Jasmine: Hey guys.

DJ: Hey Lindy.

Lindy: Hey.

Garrett: Lindy shouldn't you give your Romeo a kiss.

(Jasmine and Delia give a Garrett a smack on the head)

Garrett: AUW, were was that good for?

Delia: ssst!

(The music stops and the principal talks)

Principal: Hello studentes, it's time to announce the king and queen.

(Maken envelope open)

Principal: Romeo and Juliet a.k.a DJ Pilot and Lindy Watson.

Logan: Oh boy.

Jasmine: What is it?

Logan: I told DJ.

Jasmine: About the kiss?

Logan: No, I told that she has something to talk about.

(Lindy and DJ get the crowns and slow music starts)

Principal: King and Queen have to first dance

DJ: Should we dance?

Lindy: Okay yeah

DJ: Our do you want to talk to me first?

Lindy: Let's go outside and talk.

(DJ and Lindy leave the gym and go sit on the bench outside)

DJ: Lindy what is really up with you?

Lindy: DJ I did something terrible.

DJ: What did you do?

Lindy: I kissed a other guy.

DJ(In tears): Who?

Lindy: DJ please this is really hard for me.

DJ(still in tears): Was it Warren Handsone?

Lindy(In tears): Yes.

DJ(still in tears): Do you've feelings for him?

Lindy(in tears): Yes

DJ(still in tears): Do you have feelings for me?

Lindy: Just friends feelings.

DJ: So you want to be with him and not me?

Lindy: Yes, I'm so sorry DJ.

DJ: Lindy, I thought you loved me?

Lindy: I tried to fight it DJ.

DJ: I've been in love with you since the day we meet.

Lindy: I love you DJ, but not that way anymore.

DJ: Friends?

Lindy: Best friends and nothing more.

(Lindy and DJ hug and Lindy walks away)

DJ: this day couldn't be worse.

(A large squirel walks by)

DJ: I spoke to soon.

The end

Sorry guys it has been a really long time. But I'm back Lindy and DJ broke up. And Warren is now her boyfriend Hope you guys liked it. Please leave your comment behind